Reviews for Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit Stretch Golf Pant

People say Amazon Essentials is really similar to Adidas.


Solid quality and great price

These pants might not be quite the same quality of similar offerings from typical brands like Nike and Adidas, but the difference is minimal and for 1/3 the price they are an amazing deal.


So surprised at the quality!!!

My husband bought these to see how they compared to his Vineyard Vines & Adidas golf pants. He (&I) were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the cuts, the stitching compared to a much more expensive pair is almost the same. I have now washed them about a dozen times, and they still come out of the dryer looking perfect! No wonky material, no stretched threads, and stains from pencils/grass/dirt have all come out without needing to put stain remover on first. He had actually had people ask him where he got them because his body type is hard to fit with many clothing brands for golf pants. My husband has larger muscular thighs, and bum which makes finding pants that fit close to impossible. He wears a 38/40 with most pants and these were perfect!


Fit like Adidas 3 stripe

These pants fit like a glove. They have some stretch in them, which makes bending down to pick up the golf ball very comfortable. I took them out of the dryer, and they were pretty much wrinkle free. Nice pair of pants.


quality golf pants to rival Adidas 3-stripe

I had bought several pairs of this brand of golf shorts for my husband, and they quickly became his favorite. So when he needed new long pants, this was my go-to. Perfect fit. Perfect quality. They wash like a dream. I highly recommend.


Great value

Not as light in weight as my Adidas pants. So I'm not sure if I can wear them on a Nevada 100* day when I have to wear pants. But still very very comfortable. Fit was excellent. I will buy another pair. I might even try the shorts.


Falls a bit short of a true golf pant, copy Adidas, and your good to go.

It's a bit baggy, waist and length spot on, it needs to come in a slim fit then I would consider it a true golf pant. Take note, Adidas, true golf pant, light weight as well. Your golf pant if fine for spring and fall, but too thick for summer. 1 to 10, 6.