Reviews for New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker

People say New Balance is really similar to Adidas.


Most comfortable shoes I've ever worn without a question

These shoes are awesome, I was going to write a review the second I tried them on because they are literally the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn, but thought I would wait until I went for a run in them first (that's what I bought them for). They are super easy to get on and off with leaving them tied. This is due to the fabric the shoe is made out of, the built in tongue, and high heel tab. Mine are tied super tight and they slipped on and off with great ease, but do not feel like they are going to come off while wearing them. The sole is fairly wide and very soft and cushiony. This was great for running, I like these way better than my Nike's. They are also well vented, I could feel the cool air flowing through the shoe as I was running outside. They fit as expected. I wear a 13 in Nikes, but I have found I wear a 12 for every other shoe company. These were no different, the 12 fit perfect. I give them a 5 star. The price seemed fair and I was much happier with the product than I thought I would be. If these were Nikes / Adidas, I would guess you could be paying almost double. Thinking about buying a back up pair for when these get trashed.



I walk an average of 8-10 miles per day. To find the perfect shoe for that has been a bit of a challenge. I’ve tried Nike, Adidas and Mizuno. All have been ok, but I needed a shoe with a bit more spring in my step. I’ve actually never owned a pair of New Balance shoes, so I really didn’t know much about their shoes. I came across these and, after reading the reviews, I thought I’d give them a try. I figured for the price that I couldn’t go wrong. I was delighted when I put these shoes on. I have a slightly wide foot, so the toe box is perfect, the comfort is great and they have more spring in the step than my Nike Pegasus. I wear a size 9.5D in Nike, but size 9M is a perfect fit in these New Balance shoes. In summary, these are outstanding shoes for what I use them for.


First time wearing New Balance

Usually wear Saucony and Adidas but I was having a hard time finding a pair of wides in those that I liked. So I bought these New Balances. Great fit. Comfortable and looks slick.


Good but not excellent. Fit SMALL, not normal.

Description indicates that fit is "normal" but i did not find this to be the case. I ordered an 8.5, which is what I wear in Puma and Adidas, but these were super snug, like a Nike would fit. Really annoyed, because they're unwearable so now I need to try a 9 but the only available size 9's are a mere $187, from some 3rd party seller. What's up with that....? Trying to decide if I'm going to try a 9W or not since they're at least reasonably priced. Other than that, quality seemed good, but not excellent, but then again, I don't find too many sneakers being made with excellent quality anymore. Big companies are so obsessed with profit that 99% of shoe models nowadays skimp on quality of materials.


Great Fitting

The fit is absolutely bang on. They feel super secure on my feet and I don’t worry about them slipping in any way. I do wish that either the insole or midsole would have a bit more give. Compared to my Adidas Ultraboosts these do feel a lot more stiff. I prefer a bit more cushioning for workouts so these haven’t replaced the ultraboosts for that function, but as a walking around and going about my day shoe, they are great. For half the price of the much higher end Adidas ultraboosts, these are a great alternative although I’d also recommend that you take a look at the Adidas Lite Racers for a more direct price comparison. They are about equal for me in comfort with the Adidas giving a bit more cushioning in that model as well.