Reviews for Cuisinart MCP19-16N Multiclad Pro Triple Ply 1.5-Quart Skillet, Saucepan w/Cover

People say Cuisinart is really similar to Allclad.


Great Size and Perfect for Induction Burner

I bought this pot to add to my travel kitchen box. I follow a special diet, so prepare almost everything I eat. I prepare most food at home and freeze in 1-2 portion sizes. This pot is the perfect size for reheating food or boiling water for tea. It is also made from metals appropriate for use on my traveling induction burner. One thing I especially like is that this pot is wider (about 6.5 inches across the interior) than some small saucepans. That should make it easier if I ever want to cook something that requires sautéing, I already had another pot in this line, and love it. If I needed to replace the AllClad pots I use in my home kitchen (which don't work on an induction burner), I would seriously consider these pots.


Not Allclad, but not bad'

Have used Allclad for decades, but when divorced, split cookware. Needed cheaper substitute to replace small saucepan. This one is fine. Cooks a little hotter on induction, so beware of that is all. Looks similar, great quality, highly recommend!


As good as AllClad

Great 10 inch skillet. I own a 12in AllClad skillet and can say Cuisinart is just as good for half the price. I'll get the 8in next.