Reviews for Cuisinart MCP194-20N Multiclad Pro Triple Ply Stainless Cookware 4-Quart Skillet, 4 qt, Saucepan w/Cover

People say Cuisinart is really similar to Allclad.


Pretty nice saucepan—good bang for the buck!

Got this saucepan to have something a bit larger to boil pasta, but not as large as some huge stockpot I own. And something not as heavy as my Calphalon Dutch oven. In other words, we needed a nice medium sized pan for those types of jobs when our other pans were not quite right for our purposes. This Cuisinart pan fills the bill and distributes heat well. We already have both AllClad (which is MUCH more expensive and a very high quality) and some other Cuisinart pans, but this one seems just as nice as the AllClad and better than our old Cuisinart pans. We noticed that boiling water for pasta seemed a lot quicker in this pan. Our stove is the same, so we can only attribute the improvement to the pan. The rim or edge of this saucepan is smoother and looks more finished than that of the more expensive pan. Overall, I don’t think you could get a nicer pan at this price point.


High value for money; good for a serious cook

Great value for money. Fully clad, solid construction. Good lid. Comparable to an AllClad that costs four times as much. If it had a helper handle it would be perfect. Good for the serious cook.


Cannot Beat This Cookware Without Spending Double the Price

My wife has been an experienced cook for over 50 years and has used many different types of cookware. Having tried them all, she swears by the entire line of Cuisinart MultiClad Pro (unless you want to spend considerably more for AllClad)..


Love this and is comparable to the $400+ AllClad version

High quality cookware. Love this and is comparable to the $400+ AllClad version.


Great Pot, Great Manufacturer

I originally started purchasing AllClad but when the larger pans proved to be so expensive, I purchased Cuisinart MultiClad. They are the same design, the same heft, and easy to mistake for AllClad. I'm very happy.