Reviews for Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless 8-Inch Fry Pan

People say Cuisinart is really similar to Allclad.


Traded All-Clad for this

I originally purchased the identical pan from All-Clad at more than twice the price. As with all new pans, I scrupulously clean and dry them before applying heat. The first step is to apply low heat (I have a commercial ten-burner stove that's perfectly calibrated. Although the burners can be turned way down, they are considerably wider than home burners. However, all the demos I saw were with commercial equipment. Even warming the empty pan, the metal began to darken in spots. I let it cool and then applied enough heat for cooking a small burger of ground meat. I used an oil with a high smoke point. The burger, naturally, spatters a bit as it cooks. The walls of the pan were as hot as the bottom and the spatters began to darken and harden. Although the outside of the pan was clean, it began to darken in streaks. It took about half an hour to get all the burned and stained residue off. Totally unacceptable, so back it went. Although moderately priced, I have had very good luck with Cuisinart cookware. This pan was the first triple bonded example I tried. To start, the balance was much better than the All-Clad. Both are heavy due to the triple cladding but the All-Clad is too weight-forward to allow easy flipping of ingredients. The Cuisinart (this line is made in France) was much better balanced and the handle was comfortable and added a nice counterweight to facilitate flipping ingredients accurately without spilling. heating is even. It seems that the walls do not heat as m... Read More


Great for the price

If you're looking for something similar to allclad, this is the next best thing. The heat distribution is very even and thermal transfer is very quick. The handle is well made. A lot of users seem to complain that things stick, but this is not a non-stick skillet so if you don't use it properly your food will stick. Hot skillet, very cold fat and your food comes out easily.


Just Great

My newest great toy! Bought this to replace nonstick 12" skillet that never had a metal tool in it but still surface cracking lifting. As I'm cooking more these days I wanted to move up to stainless. It's important to read and understand how to cook and clean these pans but the definitely cook much better. Having drippings left in the pan to work with are just one example. I started before I bought this pan by buying a small 7" stainless frypan, learned to use it right can cook perfect eggs in it. It's important to remember that this pan is part of Cuisnart French Classic line made in France not China. The other choice would be Allclad at twice the money.


Love this set

Been using this set for over six months now. Works great, looks perfect, sturdy and easy clean up. Use these with my Allclad D3. They are pretty much just as usable and reliable and way less money. Was able to get this set for the cost of a single Allclad pan.


FCT-10 tri-ply10 piece cookware set

I did a lot of research going to stores looking at ALL CLAD cookware and other expensive cookware . I read that this French Cuisinart is triply like all clad. This set of cuisinart is made in France , and about half the cost of AllClad. I finally am using it and must say not only is it a beautiful set , the food cooks evenly and faster than my old cookware. They do recommend cooking not on high heat, since it heats up quickly. I purchased the bar keepers cleanser and the little sponge they suggest for keeping the stainless steel sparkling . Very happy with my purchase and the price was great on amazon about 95.00 cheaper than the big department stores.



Feels like an Allclad


Works with Induction

I ordered this instead of the expensive All Clad option for my new induction cooktop. I Ordered the Allclad D5 for the pots and pans, but these are fine for Teflon pans. And they can be replaced when time comes.