Reviews for Linenspa Comforter Duvet Insert Queen White Down Alternative All Season Microfiber-Queen Size - Box Stitched

People say Linenspa is really similar to Amazon Basics.


What you'd expect and more

I live in Maine and I wanted a comforter that would allow my son to stay warm, be better than average for softness, and most importantly be high enough quality to survive in 14 year old male's bedroom. After reading a ton of reviews online, looking at Amazon's own line of comforter, I landed on this Linespa All-Season Alternative Quilted Comforter (my son does have allegories, so the down alternative was a must for me). I've got to say that he has told me on numerous occasions that he loves the new comforter, which for him to even care of notice speaks volumes. I think the comforter met everyone of my goals and in fact is far better than the one I've got on my bed which was the Amazon Basics line. It is far heavier, softer, and just seems to be better in quality. I'm not saying the Amazon comforter is a bad purchase, and it was cheaper, but I do think if I had to do it over again I'd spend the extra for the Linespa.



I moved into my house about 8 months ago and the bed set I moved in with had some weird design on the comforter and pillow cases, I hated sleeping on them. Every time I would wake up I'd have lines and prints all over my face, arms, and legs. I was browsing Amazon for an affordable comforter and sheets to order and I came across this vendor. I really wish that they had more color choices but let me just say that I LOVE THIS COMFORTER. My room gets hot extremely fast when I turn off my a/c but its like this comforter locks is the cool air for a longer period of time compared to my other comforter thus keeping me cooler a lot longer. I completely recommend that you buy this product. The packaging was vacuum sealed, very compact and sanitary. I purchased the sand/mocha in size Queen with the Amazon Basics Microfiber Sheet Set " Chocolate " (


You get what you read. Warm! No Stains! Cheap! Soft!

Well... not much to talk about this product because Amazon Basics did it again. Cheap price, not much to negatively talk about, warm blanket, it serves its purpose and was just perfect. Even though I purchased a White color blanket it didn't get stained while I was using them. Unless you are living in a place where it gets super cold, then I would recommend you to get something more thicker blanket than this because this wasn't meant for those winter purposes. But if that isn't the case, this is the perfect product and would not regret!


So warm and fluffy ...

Love this comforter. I have bought a few of the basic ones on amazon but this is by far the warmest, and just as light as the cheaper ones. I haven't washed it yet to see if the filling shifts and becomes uneven, but so far, it's my fave. Great deal for the money.


Better than amazons’s basic product

It’s very well snitched.


Smaller than I thought

I ordered a full to go in my amazon basics full duvet cover thinking it would fit perfect but it seems to be a touch too small. Nothing I can’t get past though.