Reviews for Amazon Collection Yellow-Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Cushion Cut Celebrity "Meghan" Ring set with Swarovski Zirconia

People say Amazon Collection is really similar to Amazon Collection.


Mega bling!

Very impressed with this ring! I’m perfectly aware that I’m buying a CZ ring so my expectation was low, but I’ve been looking for a three stone set ring and this fits the bill. Besides the raving reviews got me hooked. And it does not disappoint! The stones are super shiny and glistening at all angles. The band is very well made with the gold tone complimenting nicely the stones. It does not look like a $25 ring and not cheap looking at all like so many other CZ rings out there. It really looks like a real deal as I compared side by side with my real diamond and I honestly could not tell the difference. Now I wish the center stone could be smaller. The current 4 carat looks huge on my hand and makes it less believable, I mean after all who can wear a 4 carat rock day in and day out! But all in all this is a very nice ring if you can pull of the huge rock and won’t mind it’s being a knock if. And just like the many rings I got from Amazon curation before their quality is there and I’ve never been let down by Amazon collection jewelry. Very happy with the purchase!


First piece from Amazon jewelry collection

I considered Nordstrom's Meghan inspired ring but this was half the price.Happy with it.The gold plating color isn't tacky or too "fake" in color.The CZ's have a nice shape (similar to the real thing instead of oblong like others)nice sparkle to them, when the light hits it.Because of that,this will be one of my go to cocktail jewelry pieces this holiday season. I've worn it while washing dishes,etc.It's holding up so far.No turning my finger green.Nice job,Amazon-especially for the price.