Reviews for Axe Signature Clean Cut Look Hair Classic Pomade - 2.64oz

People say Axe is really similar to American Crew.


Excellent value for what you get

This goes on easy with damp hair. Much easier than American Crew Fiber. However, it doesn't last as long as you'd like. That's the tradeoff, but it feels better to put this on than feeling like the hair pulling I get by putting on other waxes is going to cause premature hairloss.


Price conscience

Just like the American Crew products but way cheaper!


Not the best......

This hair creme works okay with a few flaws. First of all this stuff is doesn't have a very good hold, it won't hold my hair up without the help of a hairdryer. Even when I blow dry my hair the hold still starts to get loose towards the end of the day. The greatest fault if this product is that it is very hard to wash out. I have medium length hair and it takes 3 shampooings to get all of the creme washed out. I also am not a huge fan of the smell. Now for the few things that I do like. Throughout the day you can always run your hands through your hair and not get an oily or sticky feeling all over your hands. When I run my hands through my hair my hair feels far softer than normal. I also like how little of the product you have to use. Now here is how I apply the product to my hair: 1. First I get my hair soaking wet and then lightly dry it. 2. Then I rub a half pea sized amount of the product in my hands until it turns white. 3. After that I run my hands throughout my hair. 4. Proceeding that step I comb my hair into a spiked up type style. 5. To maintain that style I blow dry my hair. 6. Lastly if I need a little bit of extra hold I spray my hair with some hairspray. In order to get the best results I would recommend following the steps above. Again this stuff is okay, not great. After this product is gone I will try American Crew's Pomade. I wouldn't recommend buying this product because I know that a little bit more money could be paid for a far superior product.... Read More


Very high hold & easy to apply

I expected this to be like my previous Fiber from American Crew that was rock hard but it is very easy to use & soft. A little of this goes a long way