Reviews for Reloaded Palette

People say Makeup Revolution is really similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills.


Amazingly Unexpected

Beautiful palette. I love oranges and corals because they naturally compliment my skin tone. These colors have so many choices in the color scheme to choose from, and to pair with. The colors blend better than a lot of high end brands and they stack extremely well on top of each other. I do use an eye primer for optimal results. Side note: I think one of the color options is a dupe for the Anastasia Modern Renaissance.


Excellent Dupe

These colors are soft and pigmented and blend like a dream. It's a dupe for the Anastasia (Pink) Palette with one added color. After admiring the Anastasia Palette for a while, I bought this one and it didn't disappoint in the least. This palate is larger and about 1/5th of the price of the Anastasia Palette. Usually a dupe can lack quality but this one doesn't. I didn't expect to like it so much but I absolutely love it. As I said in a previous review, Ulta is really slow in introducing the newest Revolution products. Ulta offers about 1/3rd or less of the Revolution products. There are so many new makeup items, I could never list them all. They've expanded their concealer colors to 25 (from 18), introduced a new type of concealer, have 3 new types of foundation, new eye shadow palettes (so many), lip glosses, lipsticks, liners etc. Their new formulas for shadows is insane. They are so pigmented that you barely need to dip your brush in. Please Ulta, offer the newest Revolution items. Some new products have been available in the UK for nearly 2 months!


I would for sure repurchase!

Extremely similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills products. But in a great way! The pallets are almost identical to each other but I would look at it as an affordable option. The pigments are strong and easily blendable.


Great For Beginners

I picked this up with the hopes of getting into more colors and trying different things and was really surprised with how much the shadows quality exceeds the price! It can go on a little patchy, but does blend pretty well, something not usually seen in cheap shadows. This could be a good dupe for the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette.


Love the division

It is a dupe for Subculture by Anastasia Beverly Hills and the colors blend well, just having a bit of a struggle blending the darkest shade but everything else is great!



Ok I love a good affordable brand that has good products, but some of these shadows were not up to par. I'm a mua on Instagram and I've reviewed my fair share of products. I bought the Division palette and the Vitality palette because of how similar they were to Anastasia palettes. They both were...meh. In the Division palette, the green shade in the top row was terrible. It had ZERO pigment to it. There is a lot of fallout throughout the whole palette. The shimmers are pretty but once you get through the first layer of the shadow, the pigment is gone and you have to really dig to get it. Also every time I've used the green/teals, they were very hard to blend even though I had the UD primer on. Other than the green shades, the other shades were really nice. The brown and the two yellows had a great amount of pigment and blended well. The Vitality palette was very similar. The shimmers lost pigment over time and I just don't really find myself reaching for it that much. It's an ok palette and it's safe to say you get what you pay for.