Reviews for Yootech Wireless Charger,10W Max Fast Wireless Charging Pad Compatible with iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Mini/13 Pro Max/SE 2022/12/SE 2020/11/X/8,Samsung Galaxy S22/S21/S20/S10,AirPods Pro(No AC Adapter)

People say Yootech is really similar to Anker.


VERIFIED: This charger will fast charge iPhone models 8, 8 Plus and X at 7.5 watts.

If you want to fast charge your compatible iPhone or Samsung phone, this charger will do the trick - provided you follow their directions. CABLES: The Yootech charger comes with a USB-A to micro USB cable that's engineered to work with the Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC) standards. It's visibly indistinguishable from a legacy cable so you may want to mark it. When it comes to fast charging over USB, most legacy USB cables won't work. Using this Yootech charger and a quality QC compliant power adapter, I can't get it to fast charge with several of my legacy cables. I assume the charger or the power adapter can sense if the cable is compliant or not. Bottom line is you'll need to use this cable or another one that meets the QC standard if you intend to wirelessly fast charge an iPhone or any of the 10W Android phones that the seller lists. ADAPTERS: An adapter is NOT supplied with the Yootech charger. To support fast charging rates listed, you'll need a QC 2.0/3.0 power adapter rated at 15W or higher. I've tested the following adapters and verified that they'll fast charge an iPhone 8 Plus with the Yootech charger/cable. Please note that the battery needs to be below 80% to fast charge. Above that level Apple apparently switches to a 5W standard charging rate to preserve battery life. I've not had an opportunity to test fast charging at 10W with the listed Android phones. Quick Charge 3.0, Anker 18W USB Wall Charger (Quick Charge 2.0 Compatible) PowerPort+ 1 for Galaxy S7/S6/Edge... Read More


Great wireless charger for the price but looks a little cheap

This is a nice wireless charging pad and works great with Apple devices. It charges my AirPods Pro and iPhone 11 as well as pricier chargers. It’s not as fast as wired charging but performs similar to an ANKER charger that cost about 2x as much. Pros: - uses USB-C input! One less cable to carry around - small size. Comparable to a round drink coaster. - has rubbery material on the top to help hold your device in place - affordable enough to have as an extra/travel option but also great for everyday use Cons: - there’s a logo printed on top - overall looks not-as-nice as more expensive chargers, but this has zero impact on the functionality. (Large printed logo, plasticy look) - the bright charging light ring. Helpful to ensure connection but too bright for me *shrug* My gripes with this product are all based on subjective design opinions, so I’m giving it 5 stars.


Prefer this over the Anker

I bought this Yootech and a similarly priced Anker for comparison. Both do the job as expected, but I prefer the Yootech over the Anker for two reasons: 1. Yootech uses the newer USB-C cable over the Anker's ancient micro USB cable. I hate the hooks on those things. 2. The LED lighting scheme is better implemented on the Yootech. On the Anker, a teeny tiny LED light comes on at all times while it's charging. The light is too tiny to see sometimes against the black color of the pad. Then it stays on at all times, which can be bothersome for people trying to sleep next to it. On the Yootech, the moment you place something on it to charge, a ring of green light comes on and blinks a few times. There is absolutely no mistaking that it's charging as nobody can miss that. Then the green light completely goes out and won't disturb anyone sleeping. See, once I know it's charging correctly, what do I need the light for? Much better thinking here compared to the Anker.


works great with one exception

honestly this thing works better than i expected for the price. as fast as my Anker charger. as far as that functionality, zero complaints. i'm on the fence about the LED. the only reason i'm not unhappy about it is that it turns itself off, but picture this: it's 4am and you've woken up for some reason. you pick up your phone to check the time; great, you can go back to sleep (hopefully). you put the phone back on the charger. super bright light turns on. it's obnoxious. it will turn off after like 5secs, but why does it need to be all the way around? why can't there be an on/off switch. it's like having your LED turn on when your alarm goes off. maybe you wanna snooze... the light doesn't care. at any rate, the light is listed in the product description and at least it does turn off, so there's no reason for me to rate below 5 stars because i knew what i was possibly getting into, but i didn't consider the morning situation, so heads up. i would have the same problem if this was in my living room, because this happening in a dark room when a movie is on would be jarring. i really don't understand what electronic manufacturers' obsession is with LEDs. do these people never turn their lights off at home?


it works well with iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020

This charger is compact and works well with iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020 + clear cases; I have another Yootech charger (of which the phone sits up on the charge base) that has built-in cooling fan; That charger will keep both phone and charger base cool, while this simpler disc shape charger will warm up both the base and charger. For some reason, it won't recognize Anker Powercore+ 26800 PD 45w battery pack when connected with usb-c to usb-c cable, but will work with usb-A to usb-c connection. Since this charger does not have cooling and will get warm, I tend not to leave the phone on it over long period of time (i.e. over night). It comes with good quality and of decent price, well worth the money.


Better than Anker wireless charger.

Better than the Anker wireless charger (for the comparable price), which says a lot. The wire charging adapter is USB type C versus the Anker outdated micro USB. Yootech have a quick light notification that the phone is properly placed and charged, while the Anker doesn't and had to be viewed from the phone's screen to determine if the phone is placed properly and charged.


Qi Charging works well

When I need to set my iPhone X down and just leave it alone, the Yootech just works. Quick charging appears to activate. I don't know how well the temperature sensor works, but if my phone is doing something then I do worry about the double heating (from charging the battery AND from the phone's CPU). I have attached mine to an Anker power adapter's quick charge port. No issues with compatibility between the phone, Yootech charger, and the Anker power adapter. I did not mind that the Yootech doe not include a power supply. I would rather pay less than to have to pay for a (most likely) inferior extra that I would never use.


Why spend more?

I bought one of these when I got my iPhone 10 X. I paired it with an Anker Quick Charge 3.0 ( You MUST pair this with the correct power brick or you won't get the max charging ability. I've got my iPhone in a case and this charges right through it. No issues and it charges fast. Like real fast. I ended up buying a second one to keep at work. Again; pairing it with the Anker Quick Charge 3.0. I even use this to charge my new Apple AirPods and it works perfectly. If your phone/device supports wireless charging this will work for you.


Great chargers for the price, premium feel, nice features.

I love these little chargers. We've bought two of them in the past month to charge our iPhones. We paired these with anker QC 3.0 chargers, and are reaping the benefits of 7.5w wireless charging. These chargers are great for using in the kitchen when cooking and to get a little charge time. I also use it in my office for when I'm constantly using my phone and don't want to unplug and plug it back in all time. I would note that for us, these are not an everyday use. I like wireless charging for specific instances, but for overnight use, we just use the 5w chargers that came with our iphones. The heat generated is much less and I feel like it's better for the phone! Other than that the way that these chargers light up when the phone is charging inspires a lot of confidence that it's working. Highly recommended!


VERY GOOD CHARGER...for real this is the good stuff :)

WORKS GREAT!!! Beautiful shining green light. Worth the 14 bucks I paid. Charges my airpods pro even with its somewhat thick case; the shining light is never a problem at night. Better than the Anker charger.


Works great 👍

It properly charges my phone or earbuds without any issues. It's a perfect color match to Anker's lavender grey usb c cord and quick charge wall charger as shown in the photo.


charges both my s10+ and galaxy buds pro without issue

not much else to say i use mine with an anker fast charge adapter.. um, the shade of green used in the LED is rather pleasing


Bought a Spigen Slim Armor CS phone case and it still wirelessly charge with Yootech!

I bought this wireless charger into work one day and my co-worker swore up and down that his Iphone Pro 13, which is protected by a thick bulky case, would not work. Yootech proved him wrong! He went on Amazon that night and purchased one for himself. I recently purchased an Iphone 13 Pro and also purchased Spigen Slim Armor CS case that has a hidden card slot. I used a USB C Charger - Anker 32W 2 Port Charger with 20W USB C Power Adapter and it seemed to charge quickly. My case will work on this Yootech charger, however, it is extremely nitpicky about finding the "spot" to charge which took several attempts and required patience. That's NOT Yootech's fault at all, it's the case. I have a magnetic phone holder in my car so I glued the magnet at bottom and it does not disrupt charging at all. I am happy with the charger and recommend it.