Reviews for RINHOO Sideways Large Initial Necklace 18k Gold Plated Stainless Steel Big Letter Script Name Monogram Pendant Necklace for Women Gift(from Alphabet 26 A-Z)

People say Rinhoo is really similar to Anthropologie.



My girlfriend has this necklace but the $40 version from Anthropologie. Every time she wears it I wish I had it. Found this one of Amazon and for the price figured 8t was worthy trying since the reviewers all seemed please. It's super cute! It the perfect length too. Already bought 2 others for gifts!


I can’t believe how much I love this necklace

First off I never write reviews but this purchase definitely calls for a shout out!! I bought this on a Whim because I always buy things with the letter B, My fiancé who passed away, his name was brad and I’m Becca so we always called each other B. Anyways I got this thinking it might be a fun necklace to wear once or twice but I literally haven’t taken it off all summer. It has gotten wet so many times in the lake and hasn’t changed colors at all. I got so many compliments on it and it is a great price compared to the anthropologie one that sells for 40$ I’m buying another just in case they stop selling them and buying one for Christmas for my sister!


Super cute!

It's super cute! Good quality and size. (It's not small for anyone wondering). And the perfect length too. Looks like the $40 version from Anthropologie. Would absolutely recommend you to buy it!


Anthropologie dupe + excellent quality!

I absolutely love this necklace. An Anthropologie dupe and the quality is excellent for the price. I will repurchase in initials for my kiddos! I love them!


Forget Anthropologie. Buy this

So much nicer and better quality than the Anthropologie $40 cheap looking necklace. Fun summer dad look.


Adorable necklace

Love this necklace! Cute knock off of the Anthropologie one. Perfect.


Great quality!

Anthropologie sells the exact same necklace for 3x the price!


Looks identical to the one at Anthropologie and 1/3 of the price

So cute! And good quality for the price!!


Great necklace for the price

I saw this necklace a year or two ago at Anthropologie and wanted to buy it. Thinking about the trendiness of clothes /jewelry I was hesitant to spend $50 on it. I ended up buying this look a like and have been pleased. I've had it for almost a year now. I wear it every day and the finish is not wearing off or anything. Totally worth the price.


Inexpensive statement piece

I got it a week ago and haven’t taken it off since. The chain is adjustable in length which I was hoping for because I wanted it to be lower than my name plate. I have showered and bathed and no discoloration has occurred. However, the chain did come apart but it was easy to put back together with plyers. The plyers did take some of the gold finish off but it’s in the back of the chain. For the price, you get your money’s worth. I also purchased a Z For my niece and I was told she likes it. I read from other reviews it’s an Anthropologie dupe so that’s cool.