Reviews for Officelab Bluetooth Keyboard Compatible with iPad Pro 11-inch (1st/2nd/3rd Generation) and iPad Air (5th/4th Generation), with 7-Color Backlight, Shortcut Supported, KB09111, Black

People say Officelab is really similar to Apple.


So far so good

Just received it today so I can’t give a full breakdown on this keyboard but so far its working pretty well. My main concern was the trackpad. I wanted a keyboard that had all the gestures that apples original magic keyboard has and I’m to say that it does. 2 finger and 3 finger swipe works. The keys themselves so far are working properly and feels pretty decent. They’re not better than the other Bluetooth keyboard that i hav but its definitely good enough. I will say the backspace/delete button is quite small but i can get used to it. Now i just hope the battery last a good while and the whole keyboard in general. Overall this keyboard is worth the $85 I spent.


Fantastic alternative.

I was almost rooting against this case so I’d have an excuse to bite the bullet and get the severely overpriced apple one but after using it I am more than happy with it. Having an independent battery from the iPad is a huge bonus for me and extra points that it used the same connector as the iPad to charge. The connection is faster to wake than previous Bluetooth keyboards I’ve used. I love that the backlight color can be changed and the battery for this one can be natively displayed in the batteries widget of the iPad. The key spacing is comfortable. The only thing that took some getting used to is that backspace button placement but it’s for an 11 inch iPad. It’s mildly irritating that you can’t remember immediately but it’s not a fault of the product itself. Others have said the mouse is a stiff click which it is but I don’t think the whole mouse Is supposed to click, I stick to corner mousepad clicks if/when I use the mousepad. (The touchscreen is easier for me and it’s 6 inches away. I didn’t purchase for the mouse pad, but it’s convenient for certain things. The magnetic connection between the iPad is strong, I haven’t worried about slipping or anything. The hinge feels really sturdy. The build quality is excellent. When the iPad is closed. This thing is…dense. If someone were mugging you, I feel confident you could utilize it in a protective/ defensive manner and probably not even harm the device but that usage may not be covered by the manufacturers warranty. ... Read More


Pretty great.

I do like how strong the magnet holds up my iPad and is very user friendly. I wish it went flat to use my iPad like a tablet so I can write on it without having to detach it. Overall an amazing dupe for the apple one.


Good Value

I like this case. It is very comparable design and feature wise to Apple’s top end keyboard case but at 25% of the cost. Yes it’s Bluetooth compared to Apples smart connector powered system. I can’t give it 5 stars, primarily due to the battery life. I’m a fairly heavy iPad user (several hours per day) . It’s replaced my laptop. Compared to the Anker Bluetooth case I had for my iPAdAir2, that needed charging only 2 or 3 times per year, this case requires charging monthly. I suspect it has to do with the backlighting, something the Anker Case did not have. Users should know that the case is on the heavy side. Unlike some other reviewers, I have had no issues with the track pad. It works very well.