Reviews for Adesso GP-160UB - Easy Cat 2 Button Glidepoint Touchpad (Black)

People say Adesso is really similar to Apple.


Was looking for an alternative to Apple's Magic Trackpad

While this product does not have all of the functionality of a trackpad on Mac OS, it is a great alternative to using a mouse. Point, drag, scroll, click, right click all work well. Unless there's a driver for Mac that I'm missing, it appears this device does not support gestures such as pinch zoom and rotate on Mac. However, since I use these gestures infrequently, it's no trouble to reach up and use the trackpad on my laptop in the rare occasion they're needed. PROS * about $90 less expensive than a magic trackpad (as of today) * more ergonomic than a mouse * wired (I'm trying to avoid bluetooth as much as possible) CONS * product does not come with complete User Guide, only the Quick Start Manual. User's need to visit the manufacturer's website for the more comprehensive guide.