Reviews for Stylus Pen for iPad with Palm Rejection, Active Pencil Compatible with (2018-2022) Apple iPad Pro (11/12.9 Inch),iPad Air 3rd/4th Gen,iPad 6/7/8th Gen,iPad Mini 5th Gen for Precise Writing/Drawing

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Perfect pen for iPad

This is a modal window. The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.  I compared with Apple pen and this one looks to be light weight than the apple one. Also, cheaper than apple pen. Very accurate, works perfect. Battery last a lot of hours, I just charged it the first day and last at least 15 days for me. Easy to install. I really love this product


I can’t believe how affordable it is!

This pen is so easy to use. It is very accurate. You truly feel like you are using a regular pencil, or pen etc. I have not experienced any lagging. I use the pen to color and shade. It feels so sturdy, I can’t believe how affordable it is compared to the Apple pen. I feel so lucky to have bought this. Amazing quality, I highly recommend.


Easy to use!

I just received my stylus pen yesterday, and I already love it! The instructions are straightforward, and the pen is easy to use. I currently don’t have a screen protector on my iPad, so the light tapping of the pen on the screen is noticeable. However, the tapping and scrolling doesn’t leave any marks on the screen. One of my friends also has this same pen, and she loves it as well. She got hers about a week before I got mine, and she only uses the stylus on her iPad (instead of using her finger to scroll, etc). This is an affordable alternative to the Apple Pencil. You won’t regret it.



I own both this stylus and the Apple pencil 2. I will give a straight quick recommendation and what I use. I bought this stylus (this was the first stylus I ever used in general) and first used on my IPad Pro 12.9. I find for the money this knocks it out the park very high quality in comparison to the Apple Pencil 2. It has a slight very dim noise when shaking very hard but sounds like a mechanical pencil so nothing bad. The major differences are Apple Pencil 2 has A slightly small better writing experience. ----------- My Rating out of 10 ----------- Apple Pencil 2 Overall: 9 Writing Experience: 10 Cost- $120- 8 Overall Feeling: 10 Features: 10 (auto connects fast with Bluetooth, first time sit on a wireless magnetic strip to pair, works with a magnetic strip on iPad on the side, no indicator light on Apple Pencil to show it's on besides it just works and shows in battery life on iPad status side panel, wireless charging so always will be charged and ready to go when you need, double-tap to quickly switch to write/eraser or a different selection.) This Stylus Pen: 8 Writing Experience: 8.5 Overall Feeling: 9 Cost- $120 - 10 Features: 7 (first use, turn on a fast connection, Double tap to turn on and shows a blue light indicator, does not show battery life anywhere, works with a magnetic strip on iPad, charges with a usb c cable that it comes with but charges really fast with charger indicator light, it will cut off and off it seems when battery is low but not a big deal. ... Read More


Good substitute for an apple pencil

So recently, my apple pencil for my 6th generation iPad started fizzling out, then just stopped working. It's finals week and a lot of my notes go straight into my iPad, so I ordered this one immediately. Was pleased to see the price tag under $40 when an apple pencil can be above $100. It took me a while to get the pencil working. It doesn't connect with bluetooth, and I had to make sure my iPad had forgotten my old apple pencil, then turn on this pencil by touching a sensor on the top. A blue light will glow telling you its on. So far, its held up really nicely. Writing is equivalent to the apple pencil in terms of smoothness and accuracy. I feel like this pencil is slightly wider and more substantial feeling, and has a solid plane where your thumb rests which adds a little comfort and control. The only big difference as far as writing goes between this and apple is that, as far as I've so far learned, you can't use the pressure sensitivity feature that an apple pencil can use, so no calligraphy writing or anything. A small sacrifice to make in my opinion for such a drastically different price tag. I managed to drop it and noticed the tip is now flattened a bit, but it hasn't stopped it from working. All in all, this is a good substitute for an apple pencil at a much lower cost. Just make sure you have a compatible model iPad!


Best Purchase I've made!

I love it! I was close to buying a apple pen through apple store however the price was ridiculous. Then I found this bad boy. Works just as good! With just a tap it turns on and automatically connects, give it time to recognize your apple tablet or phone when you first get it. Palm rejection is amazing, makes it easier for me to write without a glove or lifting my wrist all the time. To scale ive compared it to a regular dollar tree pen. Comfortable to hold, and one charge (overnight) lasts me up to 5 days with daily 1-3 hr use. I've been using for a month and im haply with my purchase. Durable pen so I won't buy for a while, but also great for the wallet!


Durable pen with fantastic battery life and precise writing

I use this for school and it works amazing. Here are a few things I noticed: Pros: - This pen writes with perfect accuracy - I love the extra pen tips it comes with. After using it for almost a year, I still have not had to change it - I bought this on Amazon Warehouse which gave me an amazing deal for a near-new pen - I have never had this pen die on me, it can go weeks without charging. The battery life is fantastic - So affordable. I can’t believe people pay for an Apple Pencil when this stylus is the same thing! - I finish my assignments so much quicker since I prefer drawing over typing - I use OneNote and I can choose to turn off “draw with touch” which means only the pen can draw so it does not pick up my palm and I can easily rest it on my iPad Cons: - None so far! I would recommend this pen to anyone looking for a precise stylus. I use it so often and I could never get this accuracy with non-bluetooth styluses.


Perfect Apple Pencil Replacement

The first pen I received was a lemon and would randomly turn off as I wrote and the company was great and immediately sent a replacement. The replacement works perfectly. I was given an iPad for work and I use it to take notes and keep track of tasks. My husband bought the real Apple Pencil awhile back and there isn’t much difference between this and the genuine product, he’s disappointed he wasted the money. My boss also has a Apple Pencil and he used this and was really impressed. I also bought a screen protector that’s paper like to write on. It was a game changer for me as I couldn’t get used to the slippery surface. I’m really grateful that I don’t have to spend $130 on the Apple version. Works great!


Works with iPad Air 4 (2020)

I recently bought the iPad Air 4, and wanted a stylus to use to make the switch from using pen & paper notes at work to digital using Notability without paying name-brand Apple Pencil prices. Since the Air 4 was such a recent release, I was worried this pen wouldn't be compatible, as the listing has not changed to include it yet, but took the chance anyway. I am happy to say that this does work with the iPad Air 4 (model A2316) and works great for what I need it to do. Pressure sensitivity would be nice to have, but it works for what I need and want it to do - taking simple notes by hand. Also, the pen will automatically shut off after a while of not using it to save battery, and I'm getting in the habit of making sure to hit the top to turn it on every time I pick it up after setting it down for a while, but it's something to get used to. So far, I really like this product.


Perfect for writing but not for drawing

At first, this pen was amazing. It connected very easily to the iPad and it literally feels like you are writing on paper. Everything It claims to do, it does. It is great for taking notes but not for drawing. When I started using it with Procreate I realized it has no pressure sensitivity. When you use the regular Apple Pencil, the lighter you draw on the screen, the lighter and thinner the lines come out. The more pressure you apply, the darker and thicker the lines come out. You can also draw with a titled pencil to shade. We were so bummed when we realized that this pen doesn’t do that because it was so perfect and economical. Unfortunately we will have to return. If you want a pen to take notes and for general use this pen will be perfect for you and I would highly recommend it. If you need a pen for drawing/ sketching on the iPad, this will not work for you.