Reviews for USB-C to VGA Adapter - White - 1080p - Video Converter For Your MacBook Pro / Projector / VGA Display (CDP2VGAW)

People say Startech is really similar to Apple.


A great little adapter that works well out of the box up to 1920x1200

It seems like everyone these days are picking their own connector and running with it, so my desk is becoming cluttered with all sorts of various adapters. This particular adapter was for use with a friend's macbook and it worked well. Simply plug it into the macbook's USB-C port and you're good to go. While other standards - such as Apple's USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter - will support higher resolutions via HDMI, the 1920x1200 isn't too shabby, and doesn't force you into an eye-bleeding refresh rate. For non-Mac devices, make sure that the USB-C port supports video out. While my Nexus 6p has a USB3.1 - C port, it doesn't support video out at this time, so still not a lot of non-Chromecast options for streaming to a display from my phone.


For All Macbook Owners!

If you have a new Apple Macbook and want to connect it to a VGA monitor, this adapter is for you. At one end is the USB-C which is the only connection you have on a Macbook. This one works perfectly. On the other end is the VGA monitor connection that allows you to share your screen with another monitor from your Macbook or use it for the monitor instead. Once plugged in, your Macbook will recognize the new monitor and ask you for your preferences. Why only use the small screen on your Macbook when you can have a larger one if you need it? Five Stars!


New Gadget Connector

I'm a PC while other relatives are Apples. They can afford to ride the wave of new release goodies (I can't).The inter-generational divide when we gather isn't just personal chronological age it's the tech equipment as well. This provides a quick connection to the different monitors we have and everyone can view stuff rather than passing the MacBook, hoping it isn't dropped. Quick connection, great throughput and no problems - #EasyPeasy!