Reviews for Microfiber Hair Towel - Premium Anti Frizz Hair Drying Wrap for Women & Men - Large and Lightweight One Size Fits All - Pink

People say Desired Body is really similar to Aquis.


Excellent Drying Towel

I've been using an Aquis turban that's probably 15? years old and since I'm cheap, I was using some of the blue microfiber towels you get in a bag at Costco but they were only big enough to pat my hair. I am quite pleased with this hair drying towel. Large enough to wrap my hair in a turban and light enough to actually wear while I put my makeup on after putting product in my curly hair. Trying to get away from using heat on my hair at all and since I've been doing this, my curls are also more defined since they're wrapped up and being tamped dry. The price on these was quite reasonable especially after looking to replace the Acquis turban. These are well-made and come in a nice plastic zip bag. Nice presentation.


Go on, give the towel a go....

These towels are fantastic. They work great on long and thick hair, plus I love the sewn in loops that keep it in place on your head as long as needed. I used to use Aquis towels before these, but think these do a better job. Plus my Aquis towels never had the convenient loops for wrapping around my head.


Very pleased

I have been searching for a replacement for the Aquis towel that I have used for years. This microfiber towel is exactly what I was looking for. It has great absorbency and the larger size makes it so much easier to twist and tuck my hair. I have used it a few weeks to insure the quality before I wrote a review. I maintains its shape after washing, no shrinkage. I am so pleased I going to order more for holiday presents.


Muy recomendable

Mucho mejor que la Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel de AQUIS y más barata. La recomiendo.


Good, absorbent hair towel for most people...just OK for thick long hair

This is a great light-weight absorbent hair towel. However, if you have a LOT of long hair, the Aquis hair turban is more effective. This one did work great for my little girl who is afraid of the noise of a hairdryer. For me, I still have to use a blow dryer, but it helps cut down on the time.