Reviews for Super Shock Shadow

People say Colourpop is really similar to Armani Beauty.



Ladybird is SO beautiful!! If you are looking for a perfect topper/sheer glitter shade to tap on really quick and go, this is it! I've tried similar eyeshadows in other brands but this is by far the best price-wise and formula-wise. I also love that the glitter is relatively easy to take off - I tried the Ulta Beauty bouncy eyeshadow and it was a nightmare to get rid of the glitter. Such an excellent shade! Thank you again Colourpop!!!


Give this a chance

I admit, I purchased this product specifically because when I switched it at Ulta, I believed it was an eyeshadow that somehow reflected rose gold undertones! However when I finally applied it, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it had more uses than just an eyeshadow! For instance, upon application if you apply it with your finger, which is the best way to apply it, you discover or at least I discovered that you can sheer it out. Which is in no way a disadvantage to this product, you see this product is six dollars, which means if it has multiple uses then it is worth every penny in my opinion! So I soon discovered that I could build a look to be something very shiny and glossy over the eye OR I could lay down an eyeshadow over my eye lid (for example: Angelic from the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette) and improve the look or add to the look with glitter such as this one! I have received nothing but compliments for this eyeshadow, it lasts long, and when I use it as a highlighter for the eyebrow which I do the same with my fantasy "how many carats?" highlighter! Therefore, I say give it a chance especially for six dollars!


Smooth and E.Z.

I am thrilled that this brand is available at Ulta! I've been a fan of this brand for a couple years now. These eyeshadows are one of my top 5 favorite beauty products EVER. As a new Mom especially I find these shadows easy and quick to apply when I'm on the go. They are always consistent! I usually never use a brush, just my ring finger. They blend super well and never look cakey. My favorite finish is satin... and also the mattes are pretty awesome as well. Great color and pigments. I'll be using this product for the rest of my life!!