Reviews for Arrtx Professional Colored Pencils 72 Color for Artists Colorists, Premium Art Supplies for Drawing, Sketching Shading and Coloring Books, Smoothly Blend Creamy with Vibrant Colors

People say Arrtx is really similar to Arteza.


Highly pigmented soft firm core

As a pencil addict ha ha :) I’ve been using pencils over 30 years & I like to try new ones or new products at times. So first off I’m a polychromos and PRISMA loving pencil user. I have numerous high end sets and budget sets. With that in mind I will not tell you these are like either because any pencil user should know PRISMA are in a class of their own! PRISMA sate a unique HIGHLY SOFT blend so really there’s nothing like them. With that said- I can’t put my finger on it but these remind me of another brand. The color names will be familiar to you. These arrived in a stand up box with individual slotted base for each pencil. Nice well made storage box. Let’s get to the pencil- round wide cores PLUS, highly pigmented- PLUS Each is numbered and named. Lay down is smooth & creamy not scratchy at all! not to much bloom or dust in most colors, some with heavier lay down and layering as expected but it’s minimal compared to some brands. Another plus. Layering ability is there if your light handed you’ll get several. Blending ability is there with proper technique and patience. You really don’t need to apply a lot of pressure which in turn less hand fatigue, this is always a bonus. Everyone always wants to know about the black pencil- it’s exactly like scholar PRISMA in color mid level black could be darker. Easily done by blending in darker grays. They sharpen to a long point beautifully and the large FIRM cores are less breakable. Don’t misunderstand me when I say firm core, the... Read More


These pencils are AWESOME!

These pencils are AMAZING!!!! Awesome pigment, really smooth, and extremely bendable. I would honestly say these are better then Arteza and I personally like them over Prismacolor. These really surprised me as to how well they are!