Reviews for Ergonomic Baby Bouncer Seat - Bonus Travel Carry Case - Safe, Portable Rocker Chair with Adjustable Height Positions - Infant Sleeper Bouncy Seat Perfect for Newborn Babies by ComfyBumpy (Grey)

People say Comfybumpy is really similar to Babybjorn.


Baby Bjorn

This > $200 babybjorn I’ve had both. It’s essentially the exact same thing. Just buy it.


Nifty bouncer that babies love

This bouncer is great on both form and function. My babies enjoy hanging out and sometimes napping in it. It is the sleekest bouncer out there, perfect for travel or easy stowaway. One-piece fabric seat that is easy to remove for a wash when the inevitable throw ups or blow outs happen. Cons: changing the angle of the bouncer can be tricky. I don’t remember having that problem with the babybjorn. But at half the price of babybjorn, I don’t mind having to fidget with it once in a while!


Works great

We bought this as a secondary bouncer for upstairs. We also have a BabyBjorn one and this works equally as well and does what we need it to. It’s attractive and other than the logo on the front no one would really know the difference. UPDATE: Although the material isn’t as “high-end” as the BabyBjorn it is very functional. Super easy to wash, drys fast, and the mesh is easy to clean up so it doesn’t show spit ups, etc. UPDATE 5 months of use: It’s still holding up fine. Now that my daughter can bouncer herself the thinner material is a little annoying because she kicks the plastic hinge. The BabyBjorn material is thicker and more comfortable for her to kick her feet / bounce.



Looked at the BabyBjorn for a while and all of the perks of it but just couldn’t spend that kind of money. Without owning the BBI can’t say for sure, but this bouncer seems to be just as good and does all the same things. Baby loves it!


Great quality for a bit less money

Disclaimer: my baby hasn’t arrived yet, but with so few reviews I thought it might still be helpful. I was struggling to decide on a bouncer because there seemed to be such a discrepancy in price (most were about $35, but the Baby Bjorn was $200?!). Decided to take a chance on something in the middle. As I’ve already said, I haven’t actually used it with a baby yet, but from looking at it, I’m completely satisfied. Simple to fold, mesh backing, and seems very sturdy and high quality. My biggest concern from looking at the pictures was that the belt was not secure enough (too big - stuck out too far) but it turns out that it’s actually adjustable (see picture). In my opinion, the only downside compared to the Babybjorn is that the three-level adjustment does take some effort, and I wouldn't be able to adjust it while my baby is already in the bouncer (the Babybjorn advertises a smooth transition). But besides that - if you’re looking to buy a high end bouncer but not committed to the more expensive brands, this is a great option.