Reviews for Allarallvr Rectangle Sunglasses for Women 90s Retro Trendy Y2K Classical Vintage Square Shades AR82037

People say Allarallvr is really similar to Balenciaga.


Such a cute balenciaga dupe!

You for sure pay for what you get! But these are so fun and not costume looking at all!


BB Sunglasses Dupe

A pretty good Balenciaga Sunglasses dupe, the real Balenciagas logo is a bit bigger on the sides and the size of the shade is bigger. For its price, I think it's an okay dupe but there is a noticeable difference between them. My only complaint is that they fit a bit tight around your ears and the side of your head if not positioned down on your nose. The lenses are also small so if that is what you like then these are great for you. Otherwise, I think they're an okay pair of sunglasses!