Reviews for Physicians Formula Spotlight Illuminating Primer

People say Physicians Formula is really similar to Becca.


Great product depending on ehat your looking for

The best dupe for becca backlight that I've found. Not so great if you are looking for a primer for makeup longevity, but great for blurring and nongreasy illumination even under makeup. I love it on its own also.


Closet thing to Becca I have found!!!

I was so upset when Becca cosmetics closed their doors. The spotlight illuminated was my favorite product and go to for years. It had just enough glow to brighten my skin, without looking shiny. This is by far the best alternative I have found! Great for all ages and skin types. I am 56 and this is from last month at my grandma's 100th birthday party.


Worth the Money

Love this! It is a wonderful dupe for the becca First Light Primer.


Dupe for Becca’s Backlight Priming Filter

I’m not someone who wears heavy foundation. My go to’s are usually Glossier’s Skin Tint, Bare Mineral’s Complexion Rescue tinted moisturizer, and Mac’s Face & Body (this is as heavy as I’ll go). I was a diehard fan of Becca’s Backlight Primer because the glow always helps mask imperfections when I used it with any of the above. When I heard that this PF primer was a great dupe for Becca’s Backlight primer, I was sold. When I first received this I thought it was too glittery. Becca’s primer has more of a pearlized effect, not at all glittery. So many people raved about this primer dupe that I was convinced I had just received a bad bottle. I was just about to give up on it when I decided to shake the primer up well and pump out a bit until I was sure it was the shaken product that was coming out. Long and behold, it worked! I don’t know why those first few pumps were glittery, but shaking it really helped. I’m still convinced that first bottle was indeed from a bad batch because I’ve never had that problem again. The second bottle I purchased pumped out that heavenly pearlized goodness without shaking it. I’m on my 4th bottle now (I know, I know), and the problem has not repeated itself. This mixes well with all my foundations/skin tints. I even put some into my moisturizer for my no-makeup days; it makes your skin glow!



Dupe for Becca lightening/brightening...I think this is awesome!! I wear it under my foundation for more radiance and I like the look.


This stuff is awesome!

Very comparable to the Becca Backlight Filter Primer - just a little more glowy.


Authentic & amazing!

Total dupe for Becca backlight! I’m absolutely loving this. The packaging and the price is by far the best I’ve seen. Fast shipping.


Fantastic dupe

Love this, it's a dupe for the Becca backlit primer!


beautiful glow

I wouldn't necessarily say this a becca primer dupe but it is beautiful. I put this on before foundation on this usually highlight area such as cheekbones a little bit on the sides of my forehead and whatever is remaining on my nose and chin. It greats a beautiful healthy glow. Great for no makeup days as well. I only took a star away because of the smell, it kind of smells like cooking oil. It goes away after like 10 seconds or so but still kind of gross smelling it.