Reviews for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color - 0.5 fl oz

People say Beetles Gel Polish is really similar to Beetles Gel Polish.


Buy it

I originally bought the gel polish kit, that came with a little sized bottle of this and it is great. Will keep purchasing beetles polishes, they’re awesome!


Beetles is the best

I’ve placed about 5 or 6 orders in the past with Beetles and I am NEVER disappointed. I use this gel polish to cap all of my polishes. It’s even worked over normal mail varnish if I time it right. It’s not a thick, goopy consistency, it’s just right. I even started using this to bond my Gel X caps and have had no issues. I highly recommend this Beetles product as well as any other Beetles product.


Nothing wrong about them!

I love Beetles gel polish and there's nothing wrong at all with their clear coat. I actually need to buy more because I already used the 3 bottles I bought. They're pretty big for gel polish bottles in my opinion, I'm just always practicing nails because I'm in nail technology training rn. I love how when they cure they're never ever sticky afterwards, and it's so strong it will hold gems/nail art on nails permanently. It also evens out the nail, in case the previous coats were a bit lumpy. Just perfect honestly.



I love this! Full sized bottle. Takes 1 thin coat. Dries in 2 minutes. Great value for the price. Definitely would recommend! 8/19/19 I did have some chipping but I put another top coat on being sure to get the tips/edges good and cured them again. Seems to be fine. Note: I used Sally Hansen gel polish and beetles top coat. Tip: be sure polish is completely dry before applying gel to top coat.


Happy Consumer 👩🏾‍💻

Very good UV/LED Gel Top Coat polish. Beetle brand rocks!