Reviews for MIZON Water Volume Ex First Essence, 150ml 5.07 fl oz

People say Mizon is really similar to Belif.


A great dupe for Belif Aqua Bomb!

I purchased this instead of my usual Aqua Bomb because I can no longer justify the price of Belif products. This doesn't have *quite* the same texture or level of moisture, but for a dupe that is half the price and double the size, it is pretty damn close. My skin is very sensitive to new products, so I was worried this was going to break me out, but I've been using it for a couple months now and my skin hasn't had any issues. I'll be sticking with this product for a long time.


Belif Aqua Dupe

Like other people have said, this is a great dupe for the Belif Aqua gel. I love the Belif gel just not the price tag for it and I learned that their parent company once made this HUGE and amazing gel that was just discontinued, so I was on the hunt for another dupe. I tried a gel from COSRX but it broke my skin out after a few uses. This gel is extremely similar to the Aqua bomb. Thick, moisturizing, but also lightweight. I put it on my skin and it is absorbed instantly. No scent whatsoever; and the volume of the gel in the container is amazing for the price.