Reviews for The Brow Glue Clear Laminating Gel

People say Nyx is really similar to Benefit.


Was not expecting to like this let alone LOVE !!!

I love using my ABH brow pen to fill in the sparse areas and get some definition, also with the tail and then using this brow glue over it in my opinion it is head and shoulders over the Anastassia clear brow gel… I haven't used benefit in a really long time well at least they're brow gel's butt I have used make up by Mario which I love, surprisingly I love the Kush microfiber brow gel buy milk and also the hourglass gel. And I love my glo brow pencil i've had it forever. But this is literally insane try it with the AVH brow pen and I promise you you will thank me later


Surprisingly great!

So I purchased the ABH Brow Freeze and this NYX Brow Glue within a couple weeks of each other. Ever since I received this brow glue, I've only been using this. Even over the Benefit 24hr, which was once my holy grail for a few years and I still love it, but this…this is just fantastic and I can't even believe it because it's a fraction of the price!!! I have super thin sparse coarse brows (I'm an 80s baby), so I spend a lot of time each day getting them to look full. Will not go without doing my brows ever. This glue has been in my routine now for a few weeks. I use a brow pencil first just to fill in the bald spots, then I use this and it goes well over most pencils. Once it dries, I add a brow ink pen, especially to the inside to add to where my brows should start, then a different pencil and powder in some spots. I went to the doctor one day and the nurse was like, "your brows are perfect, they're micro bladed right?" Ha! I wish!!! (Yea, I'm bragging a little lol but…) I'm not the best at doing makeup, I do super plain shadow IF at all, but I've been doing my brows for 15 years, and I think I have my own brows down to a science. I've tried every popular brow product out there, then some. This brow glue just makes my routine even better and holds much longer than the others! The price is insanely cheap, the tube is a bit short so it hides in my brow jar, but I still go for it every day. I have too many products that aren't memorable enough that if I can't see them, they get... Read More



absolute dupe of the benefit brow gel and keeps my eyebrows in place. I like to do the soap brow technique to shape them too


best brow glue

GREAT hold when I tell u it holds the brows down with no flakiness I use this everyday cause my hair like to go in every direction I've also tried the one with benefit there brow setter leaves it flaky so this one is definitely a go for me


Better than ABH Brow Freeze

I have used the Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter for a few years but was looking for something stronger as that only holds my brows in place for a couple hours at most. I bought the ABH Brow Freeze and this NYX The Brow Glue. I wanted to compare them and I am so shocked to say I liked this better. I will keep playing with both, but so far this one wins. It is a strong hold without feeling sticky or hard. I have very long brows that do not like staying brushed up. This holds them up for hours!


I like it.

I'm pretty sure this may just be some type of hair gel in a tube but it works. I have the benefit one, but it leaves like a clear patch on my skin and this one doesn't.