Reviews for Worth the Hype Waterproof Mascara

People say Pa02 is really similar to Benefit.


Why Haven't I Heard of This Before? It's GREAT!

I bought the "Volumizing & Lengthening" and tried it out the day before going to a wedding. I was thrilled with the results. First, let me say that I know that not everyone applies makeup the same - some do fast short strokes, etc., so here's what I did. After using an eyelash curler I applied the wand with a little pressure to the base of the lashes and used very slow strokes from base to tip continuing to cover the full width of the lash on each eye. It really did get all the smaller fine lashes that way. Wait a minute and do a second coat the same way. Here's how it wears: I put it on the next day around noon to go to a wedding out of state. I wore it all that day, at the wedding that evening, then drove back home that same night arriving about 2 a.m. and was too exhausted to do anything but get undressed and get into bed - makeup was still on (GASP!). I slept until 3 p.m. the next afternoon and except for the lashes drooping (they could have benefited from an eyelash curler) the mascara was still as long on my lashes as it was when I applied it at noon the day before without any touch-ups. Note: I sleep on my back. I don't know if it would have worn off had I slept on my side or my stomach, but it still stayed on for more than 24 hours! I used to use "Almay One Coat Triple Effect" (with the two different sides on the wand) which they stopped making. This NYX mascara is the best thing I've found to take it's place.