Reviews for Hyper Easy Brush Tip Liquid Liner

People say Maybelline New York is really similar to Benefit.


Buy it!

I have tried every eyeliner. Like every eyeliner. My face tends to be oily. And usually my eyeliner slides off my face throughout the day. I usually end up looking like a racoon about 6 hours in.. I've tried benefit eyeliner. Kat von d tattoo eyeliner. I've bought $25-$40 dollar brands. This eyeliner beats them all. Seriously. It will last for HOURS. I mean I've had it last 12-18 hour... could be longer. Seriously buy it. You won't regret it.



Maybelline has really come through this time. Omg! This is the BEST liquid liner pen I've ever used, and I have tried SO many. Even better than Benefit. Better than Too Faced. This STAYS PUT. I have super oily eyelids and this DOESN'T BUDGE. Doesn't flake, doesn't fade. Satin finish glides on easily and looks flawless all day. I hope they never stop making this! Worth every penny! Highly recommend! Try this, you won't be disappointed.


Love this!

Nearly perfect waterproof liquid eyeliner. Don’t get me wrong, just because I said ‘nearly perfect’ doesn’t mean I won’t keep buying it. This is the best waterproof liquid eyeliner I’ve found and I’m pretty sure perfect eyeliner doesn’t exist. The minor problems I have are so minuscule and the benefits far outweigh them. This product is a lot of bang for your buck.


Absolutely loved after trying almost every eyeliner

I've literally been wearing cat eyeliner since 2009. You can say after 13 years, I've tried almost every eyeliner on the market! I will preference by saying I'm not wearing this eyeliner because it's waterproof (direct water can smear it) but because it's the darkest, easy to apply, I got my pen to last 5 months and throughout the day it last longer! Yes it can transfer to the top lid after a full day and will smear after a long use, but for the price and it's quality, I'm hooked! Stila black eyeliner is my fave, but it's pricey and runs out faster, plus it still transfer to the lip and smears. This is my next best choice! Love it better than Kat Von D's, Tarte, Urban Decay, Morphe, and Benefit.


Best eyeliner i've tried

I've tried the benefit, nyx epic ink, and colourpop liners and this one is by far the best i've tried! I highly recommended this, they last around 4-5 months for me. I'm already on my third purchase of this!