Reviews for Coffee Gator Moka Pot - 6 Cup, Stovetop Espresso Maker - Classic Italian and Cuban Coffee Percolator w/ 2 Stainless-Steel Cups – Matte Black, Aluminum

People say Coffee Gator is really similar to Bialetti.


Nice Hardware for Budget Espresso Enthusiasts- Just the Cups are Worth the Price of the Set!

This is a quality moka pot, for the same cost as a generic Bialetti. I haven't had it long enough to comment on how well the hardcoat stands up to direct flame, but I will say that it is a sharp-looking piece of hardware and makes a solid cup of almost-espresso. The demitasse cups that come with it are worth the price of admission- they're so nice and so lightweight that they're going in my hiking kit. The pot will probably stay at home in the cupboard.


Great product, great deal!

I bought this as a gift for someone because it was such a good deal to get the moka pot and the espresso cups. I have the original Bialetti moka pot, and I can say this one is just as nice of a quality. Using and cleaning it will take getting used to, but that's just the nature of the product. It's a nice gadget to have for all coffee lovers!


nice--especially the cups

I have three other moka pots, and two of them are Bialettis made in Italy. This one seems to work as well. The real reason I wanted it, though, was the cups. The only other espresso/turkish coffee cups I have that I can use out in the field are enamel-coated steel, and although they won't break, as soon as one of them is dropped, the enamel always chips. These are sturdy and seem to be coated with rubber.


Wonderful Moka pot

Some call this an espresso pot, some a Moka. One thing is for sure it makes good coffee. Basically want a good strong 10oz of coffee without an expensive machine and already have a burr grinder with adjustable grind? Then buy this, stop and buy it then continue reading my opinion/review. The Good Makes a strong 10ish ozs of coffee Is cheap for what it does No real moving parts Easy to clean Easy to operate A very good entry into this area of coffee brewing Support a small business The Bad You need to own a burr coffee grinder with adjustable grind to use this with your own coffee beans. Or to regrind already ground coffee to the correct grind. Or buy already ground espresso beans. But if you want the most out of this grind your own and source local coffee from a local coffee shop, you won't regret it. The Opinion This 'Espresso pot' has been around in one form or another for a very long time now. Named the Bialetti pot or Moka pot in 1933 and Italy frigging loves this thing with a passion. Now there are coffee people who say this doesn't make 'real espresso' because it doesn't force the water through the grinds with 9-10bar of pressure. They argue semantics saying you need a big expensive machine to have real espresso. Italy would likely disagree with them on this. Me? I believe there is room for both, but only room enough on my counter for the Moka pot.


Great Mola

I love it, just as good the Bialetti but les expensive and it comes with two cups!