Reviews for LUFFYMOMO Comfort Footbed Eva Flip fiop Thong Sandals for Womens

People say Luffymomo is really similar to Birkenstock.


just as good as the birkenstocks they are pretending to be

Paid 35$ for the birkenstock version and loved them!! But my puppy finally succeeded in killing them so I had to immediately order more, as these are the best shoes for my back. But I'm poor so the 17$ pair very much appealed to me. I didn't realize they were knock off's until I got them, but so far, they are totally fine.


Nearly identical to Birkenstock

I bought a pair of these, and a pair of the (much more expensive) Birkenstock version to compare. In the photo these are on the right and the (gold) Birkenstock is on the left. The only difference is the color and the small name brand on the buckle of the Birks. I was also happy to note that that these are more comfortable! The name brand ones are uncomfortable between the toes. These do have a small seam mark, but it's hidden by the toes. Also they were loose so I had to make another hole in the strap. It was easy to do (heat up a nail with a match and melt/ punch a hole). Super happy with these!


I freaking love them

Okay - I ordered a pair of these first in mens because I have a really wide, thick foot with a high arch that swells... yes, I have bricks attached to my ankles. The mens were great, but were a little too long - so the arch didn't really hit exactly right. I decided to give the ladies size a try and saw from other reviews that they ran a little big. My size is a 10.5 WW in other shoes. I generally order an 11 in alllll other crocs...and I size up in birkenstocks, as well. But I thought I'd order down this time....the only risk was having to process a return, right? They_are_perfect! I am wearing the olive green ones right now (all day)...and I spent all day yesterday (gardening) in a red pair. Both of these are the "thong" flip flop version....not the double buckle (those in the eva are too snug on me). They are great! Because they are a bit longer than most size 10s, the arch support hits exactly right. My arches haven't fallen in two days of wearing them. They just rinse off for cleaning...and the colors are cute & stylish. I could NOT be happier with this purchase. Yesterday, I ordered navy blue and hot pink. I would recommend to any lady with a wide foot that swells.



I absolutely LOVE these!! I have the real leather and corked Birkenstocks and these feel exactly the same on my feet and the sizing is the same :) The only thing I wish they had was the little grippy things added to the bottom where your feet go like the double strap ones have since they can be a tad slippery when wet. Outside grip is great even when wet!!


These run large but they are a DREAM!

These fit a little large so if you are in between sizes, definitely size down. That being said, I LOVE THESE SANDALS!! I want them in every single color! They look just as good and the Birkenstock’s and are so comfortable! I will definitely buy again!


Good enough

I bought the Birkenstock version too and these are exactly the same at a third of the cost. They fit the same too.


Get these sandals

Puppy finally got the next of my evo birkenstock thong sandals, these were the second replacement and are equally as good for fraction of the cost. Got two pair for less than one pair of birkenstock. Fit is true to size, medium arch support and super light weight. These sandals are my daily go to around the house and general errands. Love them.



Great product for the price. Looks and feels exactly like Birkenstock’s 🙌🏻



My girlfriend had the Birkenstocks that look like these but I couldn’t find them anywhere in my size. These had great reviews and I figured I’d try them out. I LOVE these sandals. I bought the red and they were 1/4 the price of the other brand. I don’t know how long they’ll last but for the price I don’t care! If I wear them out I’ll just order another pair. I normally wear a size 9 and these say they are a size 40. My toes are up to the top rim which is how I like to wear my sandals. If you like yours a little bigger behind your heel and toes size up.


So far - they are great!

I just got these sandals a week ago & have been wearing them daily. They feel great & look great! What I want to see is how well they hold up. I have the exact same ones from Birkenstock which I LOVE & have worn (running, walking, in the water, gardening, biking, etc.) every warm day for 2 years! The Birkenstocks wear like iron. But they cost $40, whereas these are $14. If these hold up as well as my Birkenstocks, I will re-review them & give them 5 stars. So as I said in my headline....So far - they are great!