Reviews for CUSHIONAIRE Women's Lane Cork Footbed Sandal with +Comfort

People say Cushionaire is really similar to Birkenstock.


Buy them!!!

I bought these about a month ago and I am so happy I did. I was thinking of buying Birkenstocks but I wanted to try a low cost alternative first. I’m so glad I did! These shoes are absolutely comfortable and they look amazing. They do not look or feel cheap in anyway. They are very light weight, lighter than Birkenstocks, which I enjoy. After a long day at work these make my feet feel like I’m walking on pillows. The size is true to size. I’m typically a 7 sometimes 6.5. I purchased a 7. If I was on the larger end of 7 I would do a 7.5. I also bought the TF star sandals on Amazon in white after I bought the Cushionare, and although they look alike, they are not as comfortable. Don’t get me wrong they are comfy but Cushionaire did an amazing job when they added that cushion bubble at the heel of the insole. Similar brands don’t have that. I only went with white on the TF Star bc Cushionaire didn’t have the white upper with a black outersole


Surprisingly good quality and super comfortable!

I’ll be honest, I had some pretty low expectations for these shoes even though they have a pretty good rating. I’ve been coveting a pair of Birkenstock’s for literally years but have had a hard time pulling the trigger on $120 sandals. I decided to give these a whirl, and I’m so glad I did!! They do run just a bit small, so I’ve decided to return them and already have an order placed for a half size up, so just keep that in mind. They’re much better quality than I expected (of course not as good as Birks, but for less than a quarter of the price, I’ll take it any day) and are incredibly comfy, seems like something you could walk around or stand in for a while and have no issues. Looking forward to my slightly larger ones getting delivered on Monday. Now I just have to hope they expand the color selection a little more, would love a dark brown!


Amazing product

Great product. I’m a more than 20years fan of Birkenstock. Now I was looking for something to wear at home to have more support for my back. Just spending a lot for a shoes to wear exclusively at home sounded like a waste of money. So, looking at products with highest rating found this. They worth every single word. They looks like the original Birkenstock, but the cushion for the her is amazing. I wear a 39 European size but listening to the reviews went up a size and bought a 9 (there wasn’t 8.5) but fits great. I bought brown but it’s a lighter color, more taupe. It’s very nice. I recommend this product ! Delivery good.


The BEST $25 I've ever spent on shoes!

(Sorry for the feet picture and my weird toes!) I love these shoes so much! I was skeptical about ordering online because I didn't know if they would be true to size but they are PERFECT. I typically wear either a 9 or 10 depending on the type of shoe and the brand so I took a chance and ordered a 9 1/2 and they fit perfectly! I have moderately wide feet but not so wide that I absolutely need to wear wide width shoes. I think these would be awesome for people with wider feet than mine because the foot bed can accommodate a pretty wide foot and the straps are completely adjustable. It took me a few days to break them in and I seriously considering giving up and returning them at one point because I'll be honest, they were super uncomfortable before I broke them in! I ended up with lots of blisters and basically a cut on the side of my foot where the top strap hits. But once they were broken in, as you can see in the pictures (sorry it looks gross!) they have completely molded to my feet! I did accidentally get them wet a couple times so I think that's why the discoloration looks so dirty! So don't get them wet! I've worn them pretty much every single day this summer and I don't know how I spent so many years walking around in flip flops! They are SO comfortable that I don't even notice I'm wearing them and that for me is the true test of comfort! They are a bit heavier, especially if you're used to wearing flip flops or cheap slides but I got used to the extra weight very quic... Read More


Super comfy sandal!

I was considering te purchase of some Birkenstocks, but 1) they are super expensive and 2) when I tried them, the high arch just really hurt my feet! Someone told me about these lookalikes on Amazon and because of the great reviews, I decided to try them. First off, they are solid - well built - and fit so well. Second, the bed is cushony with decent support that doesn't drive a dagger into my arch. Third, they come in so many colors tat I can get several for the price of one of the name brands! So happy to have tried these!


A must have for wide feet! 👣

I'm a thin girl but was not so blessed with my dads wide flat "island" feet 👣 as I was told there called 😂 never was a fan of these kinda sandals as I thought they didn't flatter my feet & made them look bigger looking! Let me tell you I love these sandals! They fit perfectly I got a 8 wide and the cushion real leather insoles is so comfortable wore them 2 full days & are already molding to my feet 👣 I'm always picky about sandals for myself because I'm very self conscious about my feet but these are amazing comfortable east on & off looks so much more expensive then they are. And way way more comfortable then the Birkenstock brand. Real cork footbed love the rose gold buckles against the taupe color I got. Great neutral I'll be wearing these with everything this spring & summer!


Made very well!

Was surprised how well these are made! Beautiful color. I was originally going to get white but they were sold out in my size. I wear size 8. These slides fit true to size. I was worried with some of the other reviews that I’d need to size up but they fit perfectly. I have very average feet. Not narrow or wide! The buckles are real! Oh and the sole is very comfy also! Cant wait to break these in. Happy to find an alternative to the much more expensive Birkenstock :)


Very cute and seems comfy

This is my second day wearing them. I purchased because of all the good reviews and a few Instagram bloggers I follow listed them as a good dupe for birkenstocks. They are very soft and the foot bed is very comfortable. Color is really nice, I will say that I am a true size 7 in women's for sandals and flip flop type shoes and these have a little extra room in the front. It's not a bad thing at all, just wondering how big it will be once worn in and stretched. I am very please so far, I will say that I have a few friends that own pairs of birkenstocks and they said the break in process takes a while and I didn't like that so I figured I'd give these a try. I love that they are comfy from the get go, I don't want pain while I break in a shoe/sandal just for it to get comfy months later. Definitely ordering another pair, my friend that has 3 birkenstocks tried it and is impressed


The bride loved them so much, she stole them for her wedding.

I was a bridesmaid in an outdoor Fall wedding, and these shoes were perfect! So perfect in fact, that the bride made me switch with her... yeah. She’s not a nice person. But, it’s a compliment to these shoes! We the bridesmaids were required to wear Birkenstock’s, and I didn’t want my nice Birks for get wet, as it was going to be raining all day the day of the *outdoor* *FALL* wedding... so I quickly ordered these a few days before the wedding, and they help up perfectly...well, the held up perfectly for the thief bride. I on the other hand, then had to wear my nice Birks through the rain, mud, and puddles up to my ankles. The bride gave me these back at the end of the night, and after a quick rinse in the sink (remember the mud?) and a night spent near the heater, they were good as newish! Highly recommend!


FIT TRUE TO SIZE (for me 8.5).....I bought real Birks & Cushionaires, my findings:

I just bought a new pair of Birkenstock Arizona's after going 7 years without. My first pair lasted a few decades (same as these---taupe suede). I LOVED THEM ! 💜 This time around I wanted to venture into something different.....but just couldn't. The memory was too vivid.....the suede Birks just HUGGED my feet & I wanted that experience again. They are just fabulous. I hate to take 'em off, lol. I happened to see an article about these Cushionaires when I was googling around regarding Birk fit---I was immediately intrigued. I ordered the white, black & oiled browns. The price was so reasonable I've decided to keep all 3 pair----but I'm pretty leery about the oiled brown pair (as you can see in the photo they are already a tad misshapen). And the white pair has an obvious flaw there I've pointed out. Honestly, I can very easily tell a difference in quality between the real ones and all 3 pair of the dupes. I don't expect decades long wear from the Cushionaires for this price.....but I sure do love the look and comfort (for now anyway). I wear a size 8.5 U.S. (39 in Birks) and I ordered 8.5 in these and they fit great. No issues. Comfy out of box. I'll update this post as I wear them & develop a deeper experience.