Reviews for Women's Cushionaire Luna Cork footbed Sandal with +Comfort

People say Cushionaire is really similar to Birkenstock.


Black and Black Nappa

For those of you wondering the difference between the black and black nappa- I wondered the same thing and ordered both. Black is on the right, nappa on the left. The nappa is shinier. I had a pair of the black that I wore for 2 years and wore out, so I bought another. I like them better than Birkenstocks! I tried on Birkenstocks in the store and thought they fit weird. These fit true to size and have better support and cushion.


Comfortable, Good Fit Right Out of the Box

I !will admit, I was very leery buying these sandals. After all, the Birkenstock Betula's I had been wearing for 15 years more than proved their comfort, reliability, and durability. But I didn't have $100 for a new pair of Birkies, so I finally decided to order these to see if I would like them. I DO LIKE THEM! I had a tiny issue breaking them in, but that's to be expected with a brand new pair of sandals, especially given I was walking a lot in them right out of the proverbial gate--it was just a very minor rub on the top of my foot. I have very sensitive skin, so maybe this won't be an issue for most. Anyway, I've been wearing these sandals everywhere I go for a couple of weeks, and I find them to be comfortable, even a bit cushy! I realize these sandals most likely won't last 15 years, but I am extremely happy with this purchase!



These are fantastic, comfortable and SO CUTE. They look just like Birkenstock Mayari sandals, for $22 after shopping instead of $105. Not to mention the rose gold is perfect. High, high quality. Definitely size up a size though! I’m on the small end of a 7 (sometimes a 6.5!) and the 8M fits perfect. If you usually wear a size or a half size, go with the larger of the two when sizing up.


My expectations were very low!

I bought these Cushionnaire sandals almost exactly a year ago. They are the most comfortable sandals I own (wonderful soft footbed). After a year of wear, they still look great (black), and have years of wear left in them. I haven't worn my Birkenstocks of the same style (about a year older) almost since I bought the Cushionnaires. They're much more comfortable. I'm a Cushionnaires fan!


Way Better Than Expected.....Birk Brand Loyalist MIND BLOWN!!!

My review title says it all. I’ve been a Birkenstock brand loyalist for 25 years since high school. I’d never, ever buy an off brand until now. I almost bought my 10 year old daughter a brand sandal, but at just over a hundred dollars, I’d already spent enough on her birthday gifts and didn’t really have another hundred. So I found this and I kind of had to talk myself into it more than her, she didn’t care but I did. I told her I’d buy her hundred dollar Birks when her feet stop growing in like 3 years or so, but I can’t see spending that on shoes that will fit for 6-9 months max before she’s the next size and they become garbage or donate at best. We got them, and I’m totally shocked and are my words. They look and feel EXACTLY like my dozen other pairs of Birkenstock’s, except they have the soft footbed that I never splurge the extra $20-30 for, and these have them. Super soft, and now I’m getting myself a rose gold pair because I wanna be twins with my daughter for the $25 price, it’s not even a second thought. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. I’m not kidding, I paid full price and wasn’t given these for free or discounted. Not lying, they are totally amazing and this Birkenstock brand loyalist has been forever changed. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!


These did NOT disappoint :)

These are GREAT faux Birks. I was going to buy the brand Birkenstock version of these but they were sold out. So, I thought I’d give these a whirl. Glad I did. They are super comfy! No breaking in period like Birks. Soft faux leather/suede. Comfortable footbed. True to size! I’m a true 7.5. Little to no arch support. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and although these don’t have a high enough support for my high arch, I don’t have any foot pain at all! I came back to rate and purchased another color. Not sure how long they’ll last. Birks do last forever but for the price, these will do for (crosses fingers) a couple of years. The only negative is they came in with a funky factory smell but it disappeared quickly, maybe a day or two. Update: 7/6 Loved them so much! I bought the brown pair too! Will probably come back for the black too!


Ok brown Napa size 9- perfect 10…..🥳👏🏻👏🏻

I have issues… 😂😂😂but let’s start with my feet, I have flat feet, metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis. I stand and walk all day for work and obsessed with walking my dog… so my feet ail me all day! I needed some hard soled shoes/ like slippers for inside my house..I tried on legit 5 pairs of mayari Birkenstock’s everything from 8- 9’s narrow and regular… nope couldn't do it…my feet just didn’t work with those shoes..saw these knock offs and thought might as well.. I ordered the brown Napa’s… omg.. say what, fit like T! Came perfectly packaged, pristine condition and in the box, the tissue paper hadn’t even been touched… the skies parted….🙌🏻🙌🏻Perfect fit, could not be happier, a little cushion, formed to my feet, buckle easy to adjust, easy to slide them off and on, price $24 bucks 👍🏻And my feet are not screaming👏🏻👏🏻… I’m stoked! Really ecstatic since I never have luck the first time around! So I HAD to get the black, again… I have issues… I really like to pretend I have to find the perfect shoe… haha.. it’s not working apparently…😜The black nappa is a flat black, not shiny… I waited like a month for these.. back order? Not in stock? NOPE…. it was def a return, omg the box was taped with packing tape, like the shoe box, the shoe box was smashed and delivered in just an Amazon bag, the sandals were scrunched in, there was human hair and black dog hair in the box and on the sandals… omg really? People if you are going to return sh@t, be courteous! That’s just gross... Read More


Quality equal to birkies at 1/5 the price

These sandals are fantastic. My foot is as long as size 11s usually run and as wide as size 12s. So I ordered one of each to see what fit me better. A little adjusting on the 11s straps and they fit me perfectly. The lighter color was size 12- it was the standard "brown" color and it really is more taupe. I met up with a friend recently who was wearing legit birkenstocks and our sandals looked identical- even side by side. These do not look "cheap". They are perfectly comfortable. I wore them out of the box straight onto a 4 mile hike in the woods and the rubbed ever so slightly on the front of my ankle. I tightened one of the straps and they stopped rubbing. I've worn them several hours, several days in the last 10 days since I've gotten them and they're so comfortable. They stay on well and aren't slipping and sliding around. I HIGHLY recommend these. Some other reviews said theirs only lasted a few months but at this price I could buy a new pair every year for 5 years before they out cost birkenstocks! I'm really really glad I finally took a chance on them after hoping to buy birkies for so long. These are just as good and 1/5 of the price. **update** Two months in and at least a hundred miles if not much more put on these and they're still fantastic. The leather shows a little sign of wear around the edges but not noticeably to anyone other than me. I anticipate them lasting several more months and getting them out again next summer. If they do happen to break I'm b... Read More


Comparison to Birkenstock

Looking for a cheaper alternative to Birkenstock? I have horrible feet and fell in love with my birkies. In need of a new pair but not wanting to pay the price for Birkenstock’s I found these and was hopeful with all the great reviews. Let me be honest with a side by side comparison- On cushionaire- You’ll find more cushion on the heel of the foot bed The footbed itself isn’t as deep The arches are not as high The footbed is made of softer material Do they measure up? In the end, no.. I bought the bullet and purchased another pair of birkies because they are my daily go to. I am however keeping these.. if you have horrible feet like myself and are looking for an occasional change in color or style, these are an amazing alternative. Likewise If you DONT have horrible feet and like the Birkenstock style, I’d definitely purchase these. Madden girl also makes a similar style that I have not tried yet.