Reviews for BonJour Coffee Glass French Press Universal Carafe Replacement, 12.7 Ounce, Clear

People say Bonjour is really similar to Bodum.


Absolutely Perfect for the Bodum Chamord 12 cup. I suggest you hurry up an buy your backups NOW

I'll start by saying that at the time that I wrote this review there were 39 highly positive reviews and three less than positive or negative reviews. That means that as of right now, 94% of the people that reviewed this carafe strongly feel that it is equal to or better than the Bodum brand that it's designed to replace. Now that statistic alone should tell you something. I'm a French Press snob and I simply would not accept an inferior product. Let me tell you, the three (4%) of less than positive reviews of this carafe, simply by the nature of pure mathematics and physics, are not logical and are simply wrong. Although the dimensions of the carafes are ever so slightly different (5.2 x 5.2 x 8 inches for the BonJour versus 5 x 5 x 8 inches for the Bodum) This carafe works every bit as well as the Bodum in ALL respects. I've read the less than positive review that this carafe dribbles when pouring because the spout is not designed as well. THAT SIMPLY IS NOT TRUE!!! TAKE MY WORD ON THIS AND don't believe that other review it for a minute!!! The spout on the BonJour is slightly narrower than on the Bodum; this provides for a more accurate pour than the Bodum. I have experienced a little dribble with the Bodum brand from time to time but not with this one. There's also a review that claims that that this carafe is "looser in the holder" and that the press gets stuck in the bottom. This implies that the diameter of this carafe is smaller than the Bodum. That's simply a false ... Read More


Fits Bodum for a fraction of the price

I have a 12 ounce Caffettiera french press from Bodum. I broke the carafe and the brand name replacements were ridiculously expensive. I figured I'd try the 12 ounce spare carafe from BonJour. It seems very slightly wider than the Bodum one - the top fits a bit more loosely and the plunger is easier to push down - but it still fits perfectly in the holder and my coffee is the same as ever. Glad I found this!


Cheaper, better, faster. Don't waste money on Bodum brand replacement.

My original Bodum carafe broke simply from being picked up. No exaggeration. I have (and love) my  Bodum Young Press Shock Resistant French Press Coffee Maker, 1.0-Liter, 34-Ounce, Red/Black . It was in the sink waiting to be washed and after removing the lid/press, I gripped it by the handle with my thumb resting on the glass rim. This tiny amount of pressure caused a LARGE shard of glass to break free under my thumb. Maybe there was a stress fracture from heat or some previous bump. The funny thing is, I chose this rubber press setup specifically to better protect the carafe from breaking. Anyway, back to this replacement... The Bodum branded equivalent was almost $10 more, required 1-2 days additional processing/handling, and I could be confident it would fit perfectly (and probably break after 6 months as well). This was cheaper, available for my prime shipping, and made of heat resistant glass. Figured it was worth a shot for only $15. It arrived a day early (THANK YOU AMAZON PRIME!) was packaged reasonably to prevent breakage, and FIT PERFECTLY in my Bodum shell. The glass is definitely thicker and feels sturdier than the original. I have yet to use it, so I'll be sure to update this if something goes terribly wrong and its a piece of garbage, but from the looks of it, this one should last longer work great. Don't waste your money on name brand this time. Great deal. Great product.


Great fit for Bodum Brazil

My Bodum Brazil has been an integral part of my morning routine for over 4 years now. I never had a problem until an earthquake or ghost sent the full french press from its secure position in the middle of my kitchen counter to the floor below. The true culprit of this accident, I will never know, but needless to say, the cleanup was quite messy. When I took to Amazon to find a replacement carafe, I found it cost less to purchase an entirely new Bodum Brazil than to buy the replacement glass from Bodum. Incredulous, I happened upon this carafe, which luckily costs less than the two prior options. I am happy to report that it fits perfectly and my morning routine is back to normal. If you have the standard Bodum Brazil, do not hesitate to order this replacement carafe, especially if you live in an earthquake prone area or suffer from poltergeists, restless spirits, etc. You may find that it takes a bit of manipulation to position the spout so that it does not leak when it is poured, but this is pretty straightforward. About the packaging--When ordering glass this is always a concern. I was doubly worried as the delivery company tossed the package over the 8 foot high security gate at my complex. Luckily it is packaged well with bubble wrap and the carafe itself is quite sturdy.


Works perfectly in my 50 ounce Bodum french press holder/lid

My original Bodum carafe broke, but I didn't want to waste the perfectly fine lid and stand. This replacement was MUCH cheaper than the official Bodum carafe, but works just as well. The glass is sturdy, fits the Bodum products perfectly and actually looks better since it has less writing on the glass. I'm happy with my purchase!


Fits Bodum Press like a Glove

I took the time to read all the reviews of this product, only to come up conflicted between those which say it's exactly compatible for a savings of $10 - and those that say it's worth it to spend the extra $10 for an OEM replacement. So I figured I'd take the risk, try it for myself, and share my own opinion. I am happy to say that this fits my Bodum press perfectly - exactly the right height & diameter to fit into the housing snugly, and the glass thickness is just right to allow the plunger to depress flush along the inside. I can't imagine what fault other people found with this product unless a) there was a bad batch or b) people don't know the measurements of their product. Make sure yours is a 12 demitasse oz (that's six regular fluid ounces) before purchasing. I'm sure I will be buying this again.


Fits great and works perfectly!

I'd buy it again. This product is a perfect replacement for my 12 oz. Bodum glass carafe.


Fits Perfectly and Great Value

I was a little reluctant to buy this when I saw some reviews stating it did not fit their Bodum French Presses well. I took the gamble and am happy I did. This replacement 3-cup/12-oz glass carafe fit my Bodum Chambord French Press perfectly. The fit and glass thickness are comparable to the original Bodum carafe. About the only differences I can tell are the BonJour logo and a very slight difference in the way it pours. I think it actually pours slightly smoother than the Bodum carafe. So yeah, definitely give this one a shot when you, as we all eventually do, break your glass carafe.


Beats Bodum Prices!

My friend broke my french press carafe and while I told him, "It's cool," I secretly groaned about the cost of having to replace it. I have a larger sized french press, so of course all the replacement parts cost a bit more and having broke several of these over the course of my coffee drinking career, I know they can be pricey to replace. It is nearly impossible to find replacement carafes for a 12-cup press in the stores because most folks have the 8-cup or smaller, so I always end up ordering online. Bodum's products can be ridiculously pricey so it's great to have a less expensive option such as Bonjour. I use this daily and it's held up just fine. I've put it through the dishwasher on occasion when I'm feeling too lazy to actually hand wash dishes and it has survived it just fine. Great value.


Perfect replacement for the 51oz. Bodum french press carafe

This product is a perfect, less expensive replacement for the 51oz. Bodum french press carafe. I just inboxed and slipped it into my Bodum cage, and it fits very well. The only differences I see: this carafe has no printed text on the side, which the Bodum does have and which I relied on to help me fill it to a consistent volume each time (so I suppose I’ll need to bust out a sharpie?). I will also say that the BonJour carafe feels noticeably lighter-weight, which makes me believe that the durability is likely a bit less than the Bodum, which is honestly the only reason a gave this product 4 out of 5 stars. But as an alternative to buying an entirely new Bodum French press, this is an excellent choice — you won’t be disappointed.