Reviews for Bose Frames - Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones, Black, with Bluetooth Connectivity

People say Bose is really similar to Bose.


Stylish sunglasses

I bought these on release day and took them on vacation a few days later, I think Bose should send me the next pair free as I think I might have got them a lot of sales. They sound great especially if you cup you hands over your ears when listening. It's a fantastic product with the great Bose sound. I look forward to all new Bose products but these sunglasses are perfect for me.


Blow your coworkers mind!

Ok first off I blow people's mind when I have these on and I let them give it a go. It's a great product for someone that listens to music podcast or just wants to have sunglasses on. They look heavy and actually aren't. The sound is Bose quality clear but not super loud and that is ok. I like that I can listen to my music and have a conversation with someone.. no product allows you to do that unless you are one of those people with one ear pod charging its fairly quick. I can use spotify, YouTube, and thing on my phone with bluetooth over no issues here. Love them!


Great frames and sound!

I love my Bose glasses. I have been able to increase productivity and enjoy a more hands-free life (sadly, I lost both my hands in a fly-fishing accident 17 years ago). When I’m grocery shopping I can listen to an audiobook or music and when I go for my nightly constitutional I like to talk to my kids. I know it looks like I’m talking to myself but that’s a benefit because it also helps people give me a wide berth. Maybe Amazon will have theirs fixed by the time I need new glasses and maybe I might look at theirs again.


Really Cool Tech

The frames themselves are great and work as a pretty decent set of sunglasses.  Because of the high-end association with Bose, I expected them to have plastic that was a little more weighty, dense, or quality feeling.  No real complaints about the build quality, though. With my use, the battery lasts 3-4 days with an average of 60-80 minutes of listening time each day.   The charging port is proprietary so accessing a spare or asking someone else to borrow theirs isn’t as convenient. The sound is the high fidelity audio you’d expect from Bose.  Really clean transmission.  The bass reflex is close to being non-existent, but for this form factor and price point I'm still very pleased. With the phone volume all the way up, the shades are at a comfortable listening level.  If there’s louder than average noise around, you may be struggling to hear the glasses audio.  I fully expect the 2nd generation to be much better in that regard. The frames are super easy to pair and manage with the Bose Connect app.  Another cool feature is the ability to turn the frames off by turning them upside down. The best feature, of course, is the look on people’s faces when you tell them to “put these on” and hearing audio is the last thing they expect from a pair of sunglasses!


Bose does it again

These glasses are great and about the price of most frames when buying prescription. I did have to get a third party to do the lenses for the script. The sound quality is awesome. Calls are clear on both ends. The lenses are a bit big, so make sure that fits your "style."


Best purchase

This product is amazing. I don't deal well with airpods or in ear headphones. This is the perfect combination. The clarity and sound are Bose quality and what you would expect from Bose. Even when I wear the sunglasses on my head I can still hear the music fine. Excellent purchase


Bose Frames / Sunglasses

I enjoy there glasses for listening to music when relaxing outside at home or on vacation. Sound is good and can be controlled from iPhone. Doesn't seem to come with instructions for use. Warnings are there etc but bose and instructions for use fail miserably on these glasses ( and on portable speakers too - Revolve & Speaker 500 also).


A driver's dream

Right out of the box I was surprised at how easy these are to use. Download the Bose app to your phone and the sync is a snap. The sound quality is Bose at their best and the volume has to be high for it to be heard by others. My only complaint is the lenses aren't the best but you can upgrade and order interchangeable lenses.


The sound is crystal clear!

I wanted to use this product for phone calls while on-the-go. There is some connectivity issues, but I am not sure it if it is a Bose or and Apple issue. For all other purposes, they are a wonderful pair of headphones to have. When they work, the sound is crystal clear!


Experience with Bose Frames

Recently purchase Bose Frames Alto. My main purpose was to use them for walking the dog and golf (both practice and during a round). I have had them a week and thought I would provide a quick review. When I first opened the box, I was slightly disappointed since they don't look like high end sunglasses. The frames are a mat finish and kind of look like 3D glasses from DisneyWorld. The case is pretty large and the bows look "thick". However, once I put them on my reservations disappeared. The quality of the lens seems very good and provides a clear, shape image on par with my Maui Jim's that I use for golf. My concerns about the thickness of the bows didn't play out either since the glasses feel very comfortable on my face. I do wish the nose piece had padding or a piece of rubber, but I didn't have any issues with them slipping. I was very impressed with the sound from the speakers and the fact that no one else could hear the music. I played golf on a windy day and never had issues hearing the music (or my partners cuss). More importantly, they couldn't hear what I was listening to. Now, don't expect to get great bass or anything since there is only so much you can do with speakers that aren't covering or in your ears, but I was very happy with the sound. Battery life was very good. I had the volume so it was comfortable for me and they lasted the whole round (just a touch over 4 hours). I didn't play continuous music, since I did pause it once in a while, but I am s... Read More