Reviews for [Upgraded] Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 12W Stereo Sound, Bluetooth 5, BassUp, IPX7 Waterproof, 24-Hour Playtime, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Speaker for Home, Outdoors, Travel

People say Anker is really similar to Bose.


Just OK, 1 Dimensional Sound

This is a follow-up review. I never did return the Anker speaker, and have grown to love it. For the price, it's fantastic. It does not have the depth of a Bose speaker, however, it is loud, clear, battery seems to last forever, it syncs quickly ....and I'm buying another because my kids have taken this one. For the price, you cannot go wrong! A+ And...,I did not get anything for free. I get what you pay for. That being said, for the price, it's a good value...and Anker's products are high quality...I only use their chargers. It's made well, connects without issue, battery life is great, and it can get loud...however, the sound is just ok. You cannot compare to a Bose or JBL, or IE Boom. The sound seems 1 dimensional and flat, compared to the others that seem 3 dimensional and alive. I bought this based on all of the positive reviews and am a bit surprised. If sound quality is not your main concern, it's a great choice. If sound is paramount, look elsewhere.



Absolute stellar speaker. Use for work every day, the battery life is super long... Sounds crystal clear and charges super fast. Spent days researching the perfect speaker for work.. This one was it. Turns on super fast, connects immediately and works like a charm. Hasn't just randomly turned off and went dead or acted stupid. Highly recommend, sounds like a bose system. Got it on sale for like 35 bucks through a deal and I'm overly excited about it. I use to have a wonderboom and hated it. Couldn't use it unless it stayed plugged to the wall and was awkwardly to pack up or put anywhere because of its shape. Get it, you won't be disappointed.


Good speakers. Great Sound. Solid Build.

RATIONALE: I wanted to buy a Bluetooth speaker for my TV for some time. The purpose was to be able to do some private listening so that I don't wake up the kids. I searched and searched online and found a number of options ranging from $30 to $150. There are options available from the masters like BOSE/SONOS and others. Also, there are options available with voice assistants however since my TV already is an Android TV I did not want to pay a premium to Google for their speakers. I am sure they are great but they are more expensive too. Also, I wanted to route the voice out of my TV and onto the Bluetooth speakers and neither Google nor Amazon's speaker are able to do that just yet. Their solution involves buying their cheapest speaker ($30) and attaching it to your existing Bluetooth speaker (more $). Probably makes sense but then again they will not be able to route audio out of your TV for a video that is playing on your TV. For me this was a deal breaker. I came across these Anker speakers and because I had seen products from this company before (never used any) I thought to give it a try. BUILD: The speaker has very good build quality ans feels great. It is reasonably heavy and a solid piece which does not feel cheap at all. SOUND: The sound is amazing too. I put on some of my favorite songs on YouTube and it was a new experience. The sound is very clear, loud enough and does not saturate. I was actually amazed by the quality of the sound. I am sure BOSE/SONOS ones will ... Read More


A stellar speaker. Worth every penny!

We are a longtime Bose family. From my grandparents down to my own kids. So impressed; we have just ordered another pizza me of these speakers and our third pair of headphones made by Anker Soundcore. They are that good! Each member of our family is thrilled with them, and they make great gifts! This speaker is serving us well, from listening to guided meditation, audiobooks, podcasts, jamming out to some good old Grateful Dead or any good tunes, even our favorite tv shows. This speaker adjusts well from one thing to the next. Well done Anker! A quality brand, we are now filling our home with other Anker products, such as their charging cords, Anker Soundcore Bluetooth headphones and more!


It's not Bose but it holds it's own.

I have been looking for a decent Bluetooth speaker for years but never could really afford them. Now I have some extra money and I thought this price was a good price point. I was quite surprised with the sound quality. I like a lot of bass in my Sound products. Most portable speakers sound cheap and tinny. While this doesn't have the best bass in the world--it's no Bose-- It holds its own very well. As well, Anker has some good products. It holds its own very well. I'm giving it four stars because like any portable speakers you can't crank them at 100% and still get good base.


Great portable speaker

Pros: Long battery life Good sound Durable Doesn’t drop connections Cons: Charging time I’ve had this speaker for almost a year and have been extremely happy with it. Out of the box, it was a snap to pair with my iPhone and iPad. So far, I’ve never dropped the Bluetooth connection, even though I have gotten 20+ feet away. This is the most reliable Bluetooth item I’ve ever bought, from any company. I mostly use it working in the garage or the yard. The case is easy to clean off if it gets dirty or dusty. My big test has been my Hawai’i trip this spring. The speaker rocks. I’ve used it for 6 hours, on medium volume, and the battery was still going strong. The heat didn’t seem to affect it, even when my iPhone started complaining. One of my boys paired his iPhone to it when I wasn’t using it, and he had no connectivity issues either. Sand and water weren’t a concern, which is very nice. The sound is great for such a small speaker. It isn’t a Bose or B&O, so I’m not expecting that quality of sound. For what it is, I’m impressed. Clarity is good, even for my old ears. It is a little heavy, but that is to be expected for a speaker that has such a long battery life. Make sure you have plenty of time to charge it, it is going to take a while. I have started using one of Anker’s Powerport II 2 chargers, which cuts down on charging time.


Great Quality for a Low Price

I have a nice schmancy Bose Soundlink for home, but I was going on a camping trip and needed something that wasn't too pricey that would work well outdoors and could handle being manhandled/carried around in a backpack. This fit the bill and performed with flying colors! The sound quality is great, the charge lasted the entire week with multiple hours of music played each day. I experienced no issues with bluetooth connectivity, even when I disconnected and my friend connected. The one thing that I think is important to know is that the speaker is not double sided. The sound only comes out of one side of this speaker, so it needs to be facing you for the music to be heard and heard well. This is different from the Bose Soundlink and other speakers. I don't think this diminishes the value or the bang for your buck, just something that you should be aware of.


A superb bluetooth speaker.

The Soundcore 2 portable speaker is superb. At its price point there is no bluetooth speaker that would match its sound quality especially in the mid and high frequencies. The mid- range frequencies might be lean to some people but is perfectly acceptable to me. The high frequencies could use a little reduction in brightness for my taste but small speakers tend to be like this. The low frequencies taper off below around 100 Hz but again at this speaker category it is acceptable. I can hear lower frequencies up to about maybe 60 Hz but not at the output I prefer. I initially had an issue with the music spontaneously reducing in volume but it was fixed with a replacement speaker that they sent me ASAP. Customer service is very professional and in my opinion this is the other half of what makes a product valuable to a consumer. You can be sure that customers satisfaction is first on their list when handling product issues. They definitely handled my issues with care and consideration. The battery life is especially satisfying since it is good for up to 24 hours of playtime. Speakers costing up to 4 times as much will only play up to a third of its battery life. I also own a Bose soundlink mini. When taking this speaker to the beach or backyard this becomes a significant benefit. It will definitely last a full day. The speaker size and portability is also ideal because it is light and durable yet solidly built and does not feel inexpensive. I intend to fully enjoy this product fo... Read More


Stellar Sounding Speaker

After hearing the Bose SoundLink Mini II I realized bluetooth speakers have come a long way. I decided to buy a handful to test, including this one. At max volume the sound quality kind of falls apart, but it really shines around 50-75%. Low end reproduction is above average with a nice bit of thump for such a small package. That said, temper your expectations -- it's not going to rattle your windows. Where the SoundCore 2 really shines though is the high end. It's crisp and clear without sounding shrill. It easily outclasses the rest in this category. Range, pairing ease, and build quality are all solid. No issues there. If you've read the other reviews you can guess what's coming next -- the fluctuating volume issue. It's especially noticeable when listening to songs with dynamic shifts and is pronounced enough to be a significant distraction. I've experienced it when paired with a Nexus 6P (BT 4.2), iPad Air (BT 4.0), and 2015 MacBook Pro (BT 4.0). If you're only listening to podcasts, TV shows, or audio books it's much less of an issue, and might even be considered a perk in those contexts. In short, I would not recommend the SoundCore 2 until this issue is resolved. If you're curious, here are the speakers I tested in the order I'd rank them based on sound quality: •  VAVA Voom 20 Bluetooth Speakers, IPX5 Splash Proof, Deep Bass, Portable Wireless Speakers with 2 Passive Subwoofers (Power Bank Slot for Phones Charging, AptX) •  Anker SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth S... Read More