Reviews for Skechers Men's Go Walk Max-54601 Sneaker

People say Skechers is really similar to Brooks.


Awesome sneakers!

I usually buy Brooks sneakers, which are upwards of $200. The sneakers are SO comfy, and a fraction of the cost! Will buy again!


Sooo ugly but they saved my feet on a Disneyland trip

Update to review: It's like De ja Vu, I went through a dozen shoes trying to find something that wasn't ugly for a Disneyland trip and ended up buying another pair of these. They are unmatched in comfort and ugliness. I wish Skecher would come out with something that felt this good but looked better and didn't have a giant S on the side. Problem: Upcoming Disneyland trip and can't find a shoe that works I bought everything, Nike epic react, Ultraboost, 3 different Brookes, Clarks, New Balance and Vans. None of these felt good to walk in for more than 30 minutes. On a gamble I tried Skechers and could not believe my feet. I wore these shoes for 3 days straight in Disneyland and survived. I purchased 4 different styles since then and they all feel good. These shoes are not that great looking but they felt great so far that they get 5 stars.



Don't waste your money on expensive shoes: these are the ones you've been looking for. I walk on average 5 - 7 miles each day and I was struggling to find shoes that would support me while walking without leaving my feet in pain. I'd tried $150 shoes from makers like Brooks, Reebok and while they were comfortable for just casually walking around, they couldn't perform when I'd take my serious fast walks. These Sketchers were less than $40 dollars and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever had on my feet. I've only had them for two days, so I'll have to see how they wear, but so far - I'm extremely impressed. Buy these shoes: you'll be glad you did!