Reviews for ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 7

People say Asics is really similar to Brooks.


For the price I paid it last as much as the more expensive brooks shoes

Definitely a trail shoe took me home while to get used to the feel of it but someone trail shoe good strong group for the trail call other outdoor activity I find it really useful at the gym my feet really flat for things such as squats and deadlifts


Basics vs Brookes, any comparison?

Very Comfortable shoe, Highly recommend! Gel insoles make the difference. Let's see how long they last now. Brookes have been my go to shoe. Time will tell


Asics my go-to shoe for running. Great fit on my wide feet.

I have size 13EE feet, very wide. I run 8-10 miles/day, and just about all high-end running shoes are too narrow, even the "wide" E sizes. I thought blisters were a way of life until I tried Asics. I have tried Brooks, Altra, Nike, etc. and all are too narrow. The Asics aren't the most comfortable insole, but at least I can run in comfort without blisters on the side of my feet. They last about 300-400 miles. I'm on my 3rd pair. For the price, if you are a serious runner you can't beat these for the price.


Great for running and excellent motion control

Excellent arch support and motion control for running, pickleball, tennis, etc. My husband started getting fit about 9 months ago. Then shortly started having knee & foot issues. He runs and plays pickleball daily. These are definitely the best for motion control when playing pickleball or tennis. Great for running too, but the brooks ghost 12 give more cushioning for running, but less motion control.


All black comfortable sneakers.

Not as good as brooks but pretty darn good. Absolutely had to get more support and cushion for work shoes. It seems like if people see all black shoes they really don’t care if they’re sneakers or dress shoes etc. helped my heels a lot!


Good sneakers

I wore Brooks for years for 2 1/2 times the money. These will be my sneakers of choice for now on.