Reviews for Micro Brow Pencil

People say Pa02 is really similar to Brow Wiz Soft Brown.


Barely works -- UPDATE: taupe

I was all hopped up about this as being a less-expensive duplicate of the Anastasia Brow Wiz. (Neither brand is tested on animals, which is a must.) I deliberated for a long time about which color to pick. I have light reddish-brown hair so decided on the Ash Brown. The color was right, but I can hardly get it to go on. You know how on the Youtubes they outline the brow with soft little strokes? That's not happening. I had to really push down to get it to work. Even then, not much color. Maybe I got one that's been sitting on the shelf and is dried out. Sigh. I'm not going to the trouble of sending it back. A waste of money. The question now is: Should I spring for the Anastasia? Or will I be wasting yet more money? Update -- I must have gotten a bad one before. I got a second one in "taupe." It's perfect. Goes on smoothly. And the color is a light brown (not taupe, because who has taupe eyebrows?), which is just what I need. Changed rating to five stars.


Great drugstore brow pencil!

NYX Micro Brow Pencil is a great product from the drugstore, but it's a smidgen less better than the Anastasia Brow Wiz and Benefit Precisely My Brow; I would personally take the splurge on those two, but if you want to save some money the NYX pencil does not skip on quality. The fine tip allows me to draw defined lines. I have dark brown hair and eyebrows (and a light-medium yellow warm toned complexion) and the Ash Brown shade works great for me to get a natural looking brows. The description of `Soft brown with ashy undertones` is very accurate. The formula has a good balance of stiffness (the tip never broke on me) and creaminess (applies easily) from my point of view; I would actually characterize it as semi-stiff. The pigmentation is not that great, this is a pencil that gives you a more natural look (which is actually what I like). While using this pencil I never experience smudging during the day; it simply stays put even in humid conditions (either in hot weather or rain), but I wouldn't say it's waterproof. The packaging is very thin and lightweight. The retractable tip and spoolie brush are both very practical. The quality of the plastic is not very great, you can see in the picture that the spoolie broke on me (and I don't use it everyday, since I follow-up with a separate brow gel). The pencil lasted me 2.5 months of almost daily use.


Brow Wiz 2.0.... but affordable!

Like many other people, I used the Anastasia Brow Wiz for a long time. I really liked it but $30+ for an eyebrow pencil is absolutely ridiculous so I started looking for an alternative and found this. I usually get the Soft Brown in brow wiz and I bought the taupe for this pencil and I love it. I did a quick swatch and I see absolutely zero difference. NYX on the left, ABH on right. The design is also the exact same and the NYX one lasts much longer throughout the day. So glad I found this product!


Dupe for ABH brow wiz!

I previously lived and died by the ABH brow wiz but was starting to hate the price tag so I googled for a dupe and found this. Not sure if there was a sale the day I bought it but I got it for $5 here on amazon. The ash brown color is a great match for ABH soft brown. Recommended this pencil to my sister who still uses ABH also. I will be purchasing this pencil from now on! So glad I found it! Update 2/26: I had the pencil for about 3 weeks and it stopped twisting and I can’t push more of the pencil up. I know that I did not use the entire pencil in 3 weeks. I’m hoping this one was just a dud and I’m buying another one as it is still cheaper than ABH. I’ll update on the second pencil.