Reviews for PRETTYWELL Sleep Bras, Thin Soft Comfy Daily Bras, Seamless Leisure Bras for Women, A to D Cup, with Removable Pads

People say Prettywell is really similar to Calvin Klein.


Praise the Lord for Prettywell

I only just discovered this type of bra, with the super thin, silky fabric, wide straps, long-line structure and no hooks through the Calvin Klein Invisibles collection. The Prettywell brand, which I just received and tried on, is EVEN BETTER and half the cost. Can you believe it took centuries for this type of bra to be invented? I will never, ever go back to standard underwire bras. I especially like the removable cups in this brand--unlike others, which I have obsessively shopped for, they provide a very small boost, which besides giving you a nice shape, actually makes the cups fit more closely, thus providing more support. It gives you a natural rather than super-padded look. And unlike a standard sports bra, you get a silhouette rather than a flattened or uniboob look. And how amazing to discover that Prettywell sells the cups separately here on Amazon--of course, I just bought some to use with the other bra brands I already have. And it's spooky that this bra comes in my two favorite colors. Like all my bra needs are ticked off the list. For reference, I usually wear a 32C and often find the band too big and the cups all--well, let's just say wrong. I'm 5'2" and weigh about 105 lbs. The size small in this bra is perfect--snug but not constricting. As others say, you feel as if you're not wearing any bra at all. That's really the clincher here and what will make you write crazy, detailed, grateful reviews like I'm doing right now. Centuries we have waited for this bra... Read More



It is June 20th 2020 and I haven't worn a bra since early 2016. I was only a B cup then, so it was freeing and not painful at all. The last two years I put on a lot of weight, and I doubled in size (everywhere, but especially my boobs). I used bralettes occasionally in 2016-17 and switched to tight stretchy undershirts around 2018 because bras and bralettes were beginning to hurt me around my sternum. My doctor said it's discomfort caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease, any pressure there can be incredibly painful for some people. So even shirts with the tight band layer on the inside wouldn't do it for me (plus barely more supportive than going without). My breasts have become even more painful lately, and I've been looking everywhere for a bra that is supportive, but so comfortable I could sleep in it if I wanted to. Had to be comfortable when sitting, too, so it didn't dig into that spot near my sternum. I looked for months, and finally found this recommended to me through amazon and facebook. It came between this one and the Calvin Klein one, and I chose this one because it was a two pack for $35 (cheaper than CK), and some of the photos said that they ran a little small in the cuppage, and I figured that would be helpful for me for more support (tighter) and give me a little more cleavage if anything (it does!). The Calvin Klein ones also seem to go down past the cups a bit further, and that would aggravate when sitting more. I was right on that, too! These have ver... Read More