Reviews for Amazon Essentials Women's Classic T-Shirt Bra

People say Amazon Essentials is really similar to Calvin Klein.


The MOST well made inexpensive bra I've ever worn!

I've been regular purchaser of Calvin Klein and DKNY at Nordstrom Rack because they are "close enough" to what I want and can be purchased for lower $20s....although I have enjoyed bras in the $50-70 range. This t-shirt bra from Amazon for $15-17 beats the Ck and DKNY hands down and a few of the pricier bras I've tried on lately (from Wacoal and Natori). I'm slender but am a dense 34B and I like: well made underwire; a little bit of padding but not so much as to be hot in the summer; I like shoulder straps that aren't so narrow as to lack support and lift, nor so flimsy as to slip off my shoulders constantly; I want a back closure of at least two rows of hooks; and I like soft fabric that feels good against my skin. The Amazon brand bra accomplishes all of these for me and I am thrilled by the price. It isn't fancy but it looks amazing under the snuggest of t-shirts. When I first saw these I thought "Amazon-seriously?" But because of the easy no fee returns I took the plunge and am so glad I did. I just bought my 3rd bra, and now they're out. Wait a minute - If you're a 34B ignore what you just read!


Very Nice!

I really like this bra! I love the soft material and the fit is perfect. I used to exclusively buy this version of bra in Calvin Klein but the Amazon Basic version is very very similar so I will buy more in the future!!!


Shockingly Good Fit

I will admit I ordered both my go-to Calvin Klein bra of 15+ years and this one just to try it out. I will be returning the CK bra. Holy moly this one fits beautifully, is super comfortable, and blew away my expectations. I sure hope they continue to stock this bra! I have a new favorite!


Wow! Super super impressed!

I've been a Calvin Klein girl for years. In reality, I'm a perfect 34 with an 'almost full' C cup. 34C bras have always been a hit or miss regardless of the brand, depending on my weight fluctuating--usually between 137 and 147; I'm 5'5". I found that minimizing the inches allowed me to have a snuggier for in a larger cup (learned this when accidentally bought wrong size). So Calvin Klein's 32D fits almost perfectly and is all I typically wear. HOWEVER, when I realized that CK hikes up their prices on brown bras by almost 40%, I decided to stop buying from them. I'm not trying to incite that they're being racist because that's the 'nude' for us brown girls, but why would their beige and "nude" and all other colors be so much cheaper when it the only difference is the colors? Anyway, I digress... This bra fits great! It's comfortable, with the right amount of padding (better than CKs), and perfect support. I will be ordering more of the other colors...and of course, another brown one since a girl can never have enough of her own "nude". I appreciate that they are all priced the same. The ONLY complaint I have is re the overkill with the number of tags!! There are 5! May I suggest a manual instead? Lol


New Favorite Bra

I have trouble getting a good coverage, well-fitting, and comfortable bra in stores. I've tried on what feels like hundreds. But I was absolutely blown away by this bra. It is even nicer than my Victoria Secret and Calvin Klein bras. It fits true to size, is comfortable but stays in place and doesn't move around, and is very supportive. I haven't washed it yet, but if it washes well I am going to get one in every color! (The gray color I ordered is beautiful.) Such a pleasant surprise and my new every day bra! Update: I washed it on the delicates cycle in my washing machine (I was too busy to hand wash), and it is still perfect. I wear it constantly, and a month in, it is still my favorite bra! (I have since bought a delicates laundry bag to wash it in just to be safe and hopefully help it last longer!)