Reviews for Maidenform Women's One Fab Fit Original Tailored Demi T-Shirt Bra 07959

People say Maidenform is really similar to Calvin Klein.


Great Quality Fit is Perfect

Love how this feels and looks under tee shirts. Comparable to Calvin Klein. Very happy with this and will be buying more!


Perfect summer bra if you find the right size.

My absolute favorite summer bra because it has just enough thickness to hide what you don't want poking through, but not any more than necessary so that no extra heat (or sweat sponge to be blunt) is added to the bra. Plus the straps are nice and thin in all but the biggest sizes, so when they peek out of your top they look more like a cami strap than an orthopedic brace. However, I agree with all those who say this runs small. It does. If I put on a few pounds these are the first to go into storage and the last to come out. Compared to some bras, it's almost a size small. I have size 36B bras in other styles that are the same as the 38B in this style, and a 38B should have the same cup as a 36C, just a longer strap. I am active and tall with broad shoulders and a large frame and this style will cut across the top of my breast and make an indentation in the same size that is fine in other styles. They also make two different beige colors, and the lighter one (I think called latte) is still too light for a lot of light-colored or white tops. If you have light skin tones and want it to hide the best, I suggest going with the darker one unless you are absolutely porcelain white. If you are darker complected and need brown tones, there are a couple good prints (which are out of stock right at this moment), but for basic browns you are better with Calvin Klein which Amazon also sells in a good t-shirt style (with more true-to-size sizes for small chests). And his are my second fav... Read More