Reviews for Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottle, 26 Ounce, Blush, 1 Count

People say Brita is really similar to Camelbak.


Love this water bottle

I never really write reviews, but I was struck and pleasantly surprised by how easy this bottle is to drink from. In the past, filtering water bottles like this one, with straws, have been difficult to drink from to the point that I eventually just stopped using them. This one is just as easy to drink from as a Camelbak, for example, with a similar silicon spout. It's a good size and not terribly heavy. Definitely too large to fit in a car cup holder though, so go for a smaller size if that's important to you. Love the little carrying handle on top. All in all, this is a high quality water bottle for a reasonable price.


Better than other brands

I used to have the filtered water bottle by Camelbak but it leaked all the time. I really like these instead, not only because it doesn’t leak, but because they are stylish and less expensive. Plus the filters are readily available at most stores whereas the Camelbak version is not.


Excellent Except For One Thing

I really like this filtered bottle much better than the regular Brita filtered water bottle. I like the cap that swings open at a touch, and I did not expect to like that as it is a step between me and my water. The water tastes good and is easy to draw through the straw. I rinsed the filter well and did not have any of the issues others have had with loose charcoal particles. The one thing that I do not like is that the lid, when closed, doesn't seal the mouthpiece well enough to prevent a stream of water pouring from the bottom of the straw when I take the top off to refill it. Instead the water pours from the straw after a few seconds delay, which is frustrating when trying to refill at a water fountain in public, with water pouring sometimes all over the floor surrounding if one forgets to drain the straw. The Camelbak Groove filtered bottle didn't do that because of the closed mouthpiece. I was hoping this Brita bottle with the lid would accomplish the same thing.


Top gets moldy and you cannot replace - defeats the point of a filter

I switched to this bottle from the filtered Camelbak (no longer made when I bought this). I liked it until now. I noticed that the top is moldy. With Camelbak, you just buy new tips and can replace them along with your filter. But Brita doesn't allow for that. If you read in the customer questions, they say, "We only sell the Premium Filtering Water Bottles as a full unit. Individual parts (excluding the filter) are not available for retail. If you have any additional questions please contact us at 1-800-242-7482 and reference number 191114-000995. Jeffery with The Brita Team" Lame! I am going to look for another bottle that doesn't need to be replaced in order to be properly cleaned. That is gross and defeats the purpose of a filter.


I now take this everywhere!

Love this bottle- it's so convenient and gives you filtered water on the go. Especially if you're not near a drinking fountain. I use this everyday at work, out and about and just around the house. The one downfall is that it can be more difficult to drink out of than your average water bottle, especially if exercising. The water has to flow up through the filter, so you basically have to use more suction to get it through. It's definitely not bad but not as easy as a Camelbak for example. Would recommend this for day to day use but not for the gym! Hope this helps :)