Reviews for Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt

People say Wrangler Riggs Workwear is really similar to Carhartt.



I love these shirts, you can tell the quality of these shirts. There thick and hold together excellent. I have bought carhartt and Dickies but RIGGS is the one I’m sticking with from here on.


Good competition for Carhartt

Softer fabric, slightly longer tail than Carhartt. The neck is reinforced. I have been wearing Carhartt (and like them well enough) but decided to try these. So far I am pleased. The next test will be to see how durable they are and how they hold up to washing.


Wow, what a find!

I never knew these t-shirts from Wrangler even existed, never heard of them before. I usually buy the Hanes pocket Beefy-Tee shirt, which is a heavy weight 6 oz., but that currently seems to be another casualty of the supply chain issue and has been unavailable for some time now. I accidentally came across the Wrangler Riggs Workwear Pocket t-shirt, which is a heavy weight 7 oz., and I'm impressed. The Wrangler t-shirt is comparable to Carhartt's pocket t-shirt, which is about the same thickness (weight), but softer, and if you've ever worn a Carhartt t-shirt, you know what I mean. This t-shirt does run a bit larger and longer than the Hanes Beefy-T in the same size, but I'm liking it better than the Hanes.


This is the work shirt you want

I like a work shirt with some substance to it and a pocket is a must. Dickies and Carhartt "heavyweight" fabrics are anything but. I tried Duluth Trading shirts as well; fabric is nice and heavy but the shirts are sized so wildly it's hard to know what to get, plus the cost is nuts. A friend suggested I try Riggs. It was a great recommendation! Sized properly, just the right length to tuck (or not,) chest is spot on. I'm a 48 and the XL fits right! Only critique, the arm cuffs are just the slightest bit snug (my upper arms are larger than average.) At $18 each, these shirts are unbeatable! I will buy more!!


Excellent tight knit fabric, better than Carhartt!

I bought them for work shirts, I like the fit, I wanted them to be loose and comfortable which, they are. I've had them for about a month now and they're still in great condition no problems.


Love it

Switched from Carhartt because they couldn’t control their sizes. These Wranglers all fit the same.


Tough Durable and well fitting

The best heavy duty work Tee. Seems heavier and better made than Carhartt, the collars do not roll, and they stand up to repeated washing's, I wear them in winter for warmth and switch to a lighter Tee in sumer for farm work.


Nice cut!

I was wearing Carhartt for similar work shirts and was looking for a less expensive replacement wardrobe. These shirts have a much more flattering shoulder cut (squarer maybe because it's shorter across the shoulders? and a tighter collar which was annoying at first, but quickly came to appreciate not having the wind blow down through), and slightly shorter sleeves, making them nicer to wear for look and practicality. They are softer initially, and the colorfastness seems to be the same as the Carhartts. For shirts that get replaced often, these are now my work shirt of choice. Just an FYI: the long sleeve version has very skinny arms, which I have not gotten used to (feels like it's pulling my arm hair with every move). They're also a bit short for a long sleeve shirt, size Large Tall. I've only bought one to try it, thinking the short sleeve shirts were a winner, but I don't wear it much.


Sizes run small, but overall a good shirt

I normally wear carhartt size 3XLT. The Riggs 3XLT is too tight. The 4X was a good size, but shorter than I like. If they make the shirts in 4XLT, I will be adding them to my drawer. Overall the quality is at least equal to, and maybe better than the carhartt shirts i've been wearing almost exclusively for over 5 years. I think the riggs shirts might be heavier weight cotton, but I can't find those specs, so I can't be sure. It feels heavier though, which might be why the size ran small, heavier weight fabric seems to do that.