Reviews for Wrangler Authentics Men's Long Sleeve Sherpa Lined Shirt Jacket

People say Wrangler Authentics is really similar to Carhartt.


Nice and lightweight and warm

It's very well made and lightweight . I have 3 different carhartt coats and this thing is just as warm as they are. To bad it's not water proof . Would definitely buy again.


Nice for the price

This is a great shirt for the money. It is surprisingly warm. I wore it over a t-shirt at 30 degrees basically walking around, no heavy labor, and was comfortable. It is by no means perfect but for half to a quarter the price of the average (non-obvious-junk) shirt jacket, it's almost dumb not to get one even if you buy a Carhartt or a more expensive one. You can do dirty work in this bad boy and not sweat ruining it so much. I pulled the sleeve out to show the quilted arms. Some people look down on that but I'm not trying to hike the Himalaya in this thing, just shovel some snow or walk the dog I don't have in 20-30 degree weather. And I'll trade (a little bit of) heat for mobility in the arms and this shirt delivers, so I don't view it negatively. The hand warmer pockets are borderline worthless and far too shallow (these should be fleece but they're quilted, which is a letdown in this case) but I don't use them. If they're important to you, try a different one. Other negatives: -It doesn't have an inside pocket. -Your phone will in no way whatsoever fit in the chest pockets. -You lose a small but noticeable amount of warmth in the sleeves. Positives: -It's hella cheap and hella warm. For me it's worth it. You might end up loving it, maybe not, but for sure you won't be sad you parted with that 30 bucks to get it. Order your usual size you'll be fine.