Reviews for LAPG Core Cargo Lightweight Mens Work Pants, Cargo Pants for Men, Hiking Ripstop Cargo Pants

People say La Police Gear is really similar to Carhartt.


Seriously enjoy these pants

First impression - Better than any other pair of pants I own. *Background* I buy things to wear them out. I am not nice to my clothes, gear, tools. So, personally, I use this style of pant as a work pant/shooters pant/play pants. I require that my gear (these pants are considered that) be able to take HEAVY use and punishment. My job is an 8 out of 10 on the roughness scale. I'd say construction and logging/mining is a 9 and actual military combat overseas being 10. *Comparison* I have used military surplus BDU's, I have used Proper Brand cargo pants, I have used Dickies cargo pants, I have used Carhartt's. For the price/durability ratio, I think these LAPG pants are the best. Personally, from my experience, paying money for anything other than Dickies, These LAPG pants, and Carhartt's pants are a waste of money. Dickies are durable and wick well but their look and fit are more like slacks and their closure is a hook clasp (like slacks) which is probably great if you have a gut, but if you are in shape you will find that the clasp comes undone from time to time if you are working a tool belt or carrying a handgun like I do. Carhartt's are great but to get all that durability you are going to pay for it, in price and mobility. I have never seen a stronger pair of pants, but, they will, like all things, inevitably wear out. I think these LAPG are the Goldilocks Porridge if you will. Very comfortable, their material is durable and wicks well, they look good/natural, and th... Read More