Reviews for Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye (19 Colors) Semi Permanent Hair Color Depositing Conditioner

People say Keracolor is really similar to Celeb Luxury.


Awesome pigment payout!

Dont tell them, but i prefer this over Celeb Luxury by far!!


Magic for unicorns of every color.

Not enough moisture for my coarse, 2b/3a hair that I beat into submission with hot tools- however the tinting capability- I stopped dying my hair three years ago, short of dragging up my balayage once a year. I’m a natural ginger- level 7/8. I balayage to a level 9 warm honey blonde, and I just tone it more copper. I used to always use celeb luxury gem lites in tourmaline to punch my copper tones up, but I found it drying and it tended to soak heavily to mainly my ends. Queue this stuff- I mix honey and copper in a 3:1 ratio then cut it with regular deep conditioner to sheer out the pigment. I then prep my hair with Malibu c pre color treatment (it just removes product buildup and balances porosity) then while my hair is still wet I apply it to my roots first for ten minutes and follow up with lathering it into my hair for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. This gave me the perfect pumpkin spice ginger shade I wanted without over drying my hair. I recommend this product to anyone- it fades out beautifully as well which allows me to only have to do this once every few months. One bottle of each with the way I apply it lasts me 4 processes (so about a year) so it’s budget friendly too. It does stain so wear gloves (my neon orange mani is now just primary orange). I included a before and after- the vividness is insane and still remains natural- you can see how light my balayage had faded before application. Just buy it- if you’re a pro like me it’s half the cost at your local cosmoprof... Read More