People say Elf is really similar to Cerave.


holy grail for oily skin!

This is amazing for my oily, sensitive skin. it's affordable and lasts a good while I ashtrays apply this to damp skin and it helps absorb and you use less product! I use the elf toner then this. it makes my skin feel so supple and smooth. so buttery but in all the good ways lol it doesn't break me out which is always a huge factor for me. I used the cerave moisturizing cream for years and this definitely beat that! just a wonderful basic moisturizer with good ingredients. it is on the thicker side but absorbs nicely. and no fragrance!


Yas so mega slay

I LOVE THIS CREAM, I pair it with my cerave moisturizer in the morning and nights and it works sooo well, it makes my skin so soft and it keeps it moisturized when I was my face with a cleanser that's kind of rough on my skin. I don't think it's heavy on my skin just because my skin is dry and I like to know it's there + it makes my skin look so good and not dry with makeup, it was just what i was looking for. I definitely think combining this with another lotion is good just because it really helps when you have dry skin like me :) but yes I recommend 1000% 🤍


Love this

I was pleasantly surprised. This is less irritating to my skin than the Cerave cream suggested by everyone and I think does better with my dry spots overall.


Love it!!!

My skin hasn't felt so smooth and hydrated. I used the CeraVe face cream and it felt a little too thick and heavy for my liking. I got this today and I'm highly impressed.


Perfect Moisturizer!

I was hoping to find something to replace my CeraVe moisturizer and I found it. I use this at night because it's so moisturizing. I love it so much I've purchased a second one and I will continue to purchase.


Good product

It's a good product but I feel like it gives the same amount of hydration as the cerave moisturizer which is cheaper. The texture is really nice though.