Reviews for Skechers Women's On-The-go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal

People say Skechers is really similar to Chaco.


LOVE these shoes!! Highly recommend!!

I'm so in love with these shoes!! I've had my heart set on a pair of Chacos for years. I was finally ready to make the splurge, but I hated the way the arch felt when I finally tried in a pair. That's when I discovered Tevas, and then, lo and behold, these Skechers. (Cue angels singing from above 😂) I'm a teacher, and almost 40, so I'm done with sacrificing comfort. My mission was to find a pair of shoes that would be very comfy over the summer and while standing on my feet all day in the classroom, BUT I still wanted something stylish (not willing to make the leap to unattractive orthotic shoes). These definitely fit the bill of comfy and attractive. The footbed is cushioned but also supportive. The ankle strap is velcro, so it's easily adjustable. Some reviewers had issues with the toe straps not being adjustable (so the triangle dug into their feet), but I didn't have that problem. If you have larger feet, I do see how that could be a problem, though. These shoes are also very light. Mission Comfy Shoes was accomplished. As for appearance, they're sporty and casual. They're not meant to be dressy, but I still think they'll go well with some casual dresses. I definitely recommend, and will probably order additional colors.


Love these sandals

Initially I bought highly rated hiking sandals from Chaco’s. The arch did not fit me well and they just felt very uncomfortable. Sketchers have always been a favorite for comfort and I found these. I ended up ordering these and the 400s to compare because of reviews stating the 600s provided no traction and were slippery. While the 400s had better traction, they made a weird squeaking noise when I walked. Otherwise they are pretty much the same. I opted to keep the 600s, couldn’t deal with a squeaky shoe. I tested them out by wearing them tubing. I had to walk some parts of the river and had no issues with slipping on the wet rocks. I also wore them hiking in the woods a day after it rained. I didn’t slide around on the wet leaves, even on a fairly steep hill I had no traction issues. They kept my feet very comfortable and secure. I have narrow feet so the top was a little loose, but not overly so. And while you can’t adjust the straps over the top of your foot, the adjustable strap around the ankle keeps your foot secure so it’s not sliding around. I’m very happy with this purchase.


Hell yeah

So comfy! The first time I walked in them I got a blister on my pinky toe and I was like “oh lawd here we go again with a return” but I decided to give them another shot and I’m glad I did. I am an avid walker, but here in the south socks can get drenched quickly in the summer heat and make you miserable. These are the perfect solution. Fantastic for walking, cute enough for casual outings, and so crazy comfortable. Especially given how cheap they are compared with tevas and chacos, I’d say go for it.


Lightweight, comfy, CUTE!!!!!!!!

Chacos WHO!? After my beagle ate through a pair of my chacos, I’ve been struggling to find a new pair that I like and can not feel guilty about purchasing. These shoes popped up on my related searches, and for such a low price (compared to the $100+ chacos), I decided to give it a try. I ordered them on Friday, they were here Monday, AND they are so comfortable and sooo lightweight. If you’re used to the hardness and heftiness of chacos, these do take some getting used to. The sole is foam which will probably wear down a lot faster than chacos, but I’m not worried about that now. I love the straps on it—they’re more of that teva style, and feel way less restricting than chacos. I’m a broke, 22-year old, and never thought I would go for Skechers BUT HERE WE ARE. I LOVE THEM!


My go to sandals for everyday!

I have purchased these sandals every year since they have come out. My teenage girls wanted chacos a few yrs ago. I talked them into giving these a try. They fell in love with them. So now we all get 2 new pair every spring. These are also great for long walks. And unlike other shoes you don't have to break these in ro be comfortable.


Perfect for summer!

I love these sandals! This is my 2nd pair I bought as a backup incase they stop making them and my other gets old. I needed something besides flip flops that I could walk around in all day and not have my feet killing me. I don’t like the thick bands and clips hanging off the sides on chacos etc so these were great. Very comfortable the foam cushions well. Can wear in sun and rain and velcro stays closed. I walked miles and 10+ hours around Disney and the beach. Would def recommend!


Great for the price!

My chacos finally wore out and I wasn’t sure I was ready to spend as much on outdoor sandals and these seemed like a good in between. Not as rugged as an outdoor sports sandal but seem like they’ll do for now and they are very comfortable!


Just as good ad chacos for half the price!!!

Love them! Fit perfectly. Very comfortable. Wore them all summer, hiking, in the river, almost everyday wear. Velcro still works as if they're new. Honestly just as food, if not better than chacos, for a portion of the price!


So comfy!!!

These are the most comfortable shoes and cute! I love them more than my Chacos!


Comfortable walking sandal at a great price

I bought these in lieu of some Chacos (in which I could hike very comfortably) because they are a third of the price. These Skechers have a thick, squishy foam footbed/sole. You do not feel every stone you step on. My feet feelssupported, including the arch. The sandals feel like they'd be great on a light hike. They'll just rinse off and be good for what's next. The only issue has been the triangle where the straps meet. My feet have been in socks and some sort of boot all winter, so there's always an adjustment going into sandals. That place where straps meet comes just above my pinky toes and rubs a little. I've been walking in the sandals all week to get adjusted. Still, after a morning of walking a town-wide yard sale, I had light, tiny scrapes right at those spots -- just a heads-up for those who have very tender or sensitive skin. That situation is what put me at four stars (wish I could do 4.5). Otherwise I'm very happy. I intend them to be my daily walking shoe for an upcoming study tour. If all goes well, I can see these being my go-to-sandal as long as Sketcher makes them and keeps the price in the $30 range. I'm buying a pair for my best friend.


Comfortable sandals

These sandals are really comfortable and not bad looking. I had to exchange a regular fit for a wide. The straps on Tevas rubbed my feet and I thought Chacos were ugly.