Reviews for Amazon Essentials Men's Closed Bottom Fleece Sweatpants

People say Amazon Essentials is really similar to Champion.


Amazon Basics are basic but nice...

These are quite a bit thinner than my other Champion brand pair but very comfortable and still warm enough for the Bay Area's mild weather.


Better than expected

These sweatpants are sooo soft and comfortable, I was truly shocked! I’ve worn sweatpants as long as I can remember…thru college and still to this day, and I’m 60 years old! (Not 100% of the time, I do have other clothes) I purchased this pair and a pair of Champion sweatpants for comparison reasons. Other than the logo, I can’t really tell any difference and the Amazon Essentials are cheaper! Hope this helps.


Nice sweatpants

Received recently. Washed it once, and it looks good. Seems to be comparable in quality to the Champion brand version I bought last year.


Better fit than Champion brand

This was purchased as a gift so I"m reporting the recipients feedback. The fit is generous enough through the legs, but not baggy like the Champion's previously purchased here. Because of the polyester content, they will pill a bit. We would purchase more, but they have been out of stock for months. The removal of 1 star is for the pilling.


Seems to big

I thought I was buying Champions. That's the search I had done and somehow these got slipped in there. They're plenty heavy but a bit too loose for me. They're very loose at the ankle where the elastic is and about a foot to long for me. I'm 5' 10", 200 lbs and bought XL.