Reviews for Spotlight Liquid Highlight

People say Flower Beauty is really similar to Charlotte Tilbury.


Great value highlighter

I already own the Charlotte Tilbury highlight but when I saw that Flower Beauty came out with a better valued one, I decided to give it a go. I think this applies beautifully. It last a good amount of time as well. This is a great dupe for the CT one.


this might be my favorite liquid/cream highlighter now

so yeah, i love it. but i only blend it in with my fingers, and i suggest you do so also because it will likely be patchy and blend out weird if you use a brush or even sponge. it dries down v quickly, so blend as you go and don't let it sit on the skin without blending right after application. despite these quirks, i absolutely love this little wand. i'm not even pining after the charlotte tilbury one anymore 🤣


CT dupe!!!

This reminds me of Charlotte Tilburry magic wands right away. The highlight is very natural and blends easily into the skin. It doesn't lift up my foundation or blush. It gives a very natural glow from within look. I'm sure many people would love this.


Great Product

This product has similar packaging as Charlotte Tillbury, but that doesn't mean it's trying to be that product. It does dry down quick, but working one area at a time fixes that. It gives a beautiful natural glow. This product is amazing on its own!


Major Charlotte Tilbury dupe!

I love this! First of all, it's vegan, yay! Second of all the opal color is absolutely beautiful on my fair skin. And thirdly, it's just a great product, adds shimmer in all the places places without being too glittery. It is definitely a Charlotte Tilbury dupe for sure!



I have wanted to buy a Charlotte Tilbury highlighting wand for years but just cannot justify the cost. I saw these and decided to give it a try, and it is exactly what I was looking for and half the cost of CT. Now I'm just waiting for Flower to come out with a contour wand, hint hint…