Reviews for Dockers Men's Fisherman Sandal

People say Dockers is really similar to Clarks.


These are the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever had. Better than Clark’s.

They are more comfortable and the support is better than Clark’s.


Four Stars

I used to buy a similar one from Clark shoes, but they discontinued it, these are an acceptable replacement


Outstanding, Durable and Comfortable Sandal

Excellent Sandal. This is my second pair. The previous pair was two years and after wearing the almost every day they began to show their age. This new pair is made slightly different with an adjustable trap at the heel. Both heel and toe straps were in the right place when the sandals arrived and they fitted perfectly. The sole and stitching have some minor differences from my original pair but not worthy of a comment. Both were equally comfortable. I should mention that before I found these Dockers I had been using a pair of Clarks for 3 times the price but no significant difference otherwise. Clearly, Dockers is a better deal.