Reviews for Hanes Men's Comfortwash Garment Dyed Sweatshirt

People say Hanes is really similar to Comfort Colors.


Comfortable :D

It fits me just like I wanted it too. It was way more comfortable than I expected and the color is better in person! Simply great, love it so much.


Comfort Colors dupe !

This is a great dupe to Comfort Colors sweatshirts. I purchased an XL and it’s perfectly oversized on me. It’s not super warm but it is incredibly cozy and is a go to for pjs & lounging around. Also it’s thin enough that I can layer a jacket over it without it looking weird The *only* negative is that the inside does pill VERY easily. I’ve washed it almost a dozen times and the pilling started right away. However for the price I’ll just get a new one when this one starts to get worn out! I went up one size from my usual size to achieve the oversized aesthetic I wanted and would suggest the same for others.


Super comfy for women too!

Review For ladies: I was going for the oversized sweatshirt look and I’m very happy with it. It’s so comfortable. The material is soft and the colors are flattering. Normally, I’m a women’s medium and since I wanted it loose, I ordered a large and X-large to see which would be best for me. Both were definitely big on me and they were both comfortable but I believe one size up gives the oversized look while two sizes up, you’re literally swimming in it and it looks kind of frumpy. While I was tempted to keep the XL, I decided, if I wanted to go out in public with it on, it was best to just keep the Large (1 size up). Just keep in mind that the bigger you go, the longer the sleeves get so if you’re getting 1 size bigger than you normally would, you’re gonna have to roll it up a few times. If you get two sizes too big, it’s gonna need lots of rolling as normal length will be super long on you. * photos on top left/ bottom left are 1 size up, photos on top right/ bottom right are 2 sizes up.


I don't review clothing, but now will.

People experience clothing differently. There's no accounting for taste, and I don't presume clothing I like will surely appeal to other folks. But this sweatshirt is so comfortable and attractive I'm breaking my usual rules. I love it. I had worn this shirt for a few hours when I knew I had to buy another like it but in a different color. I'm old enough that comfort is both elusive and terribly important. This sweatshirt is truly comfortable. I think it is slightly smaller than I expect. The color is, in my eyes, exceptionally attractive. Sweatshirt colors are usually loud and predictable, but the shirt I just bought is a subtle and appealing shade of green. My only question now is whether I need to get a third copy of this shirt. I really don't want to wear anything else.


A little baggy, but good!

I (Female) am 5'4'' and 163 lbs with a 32''-33'' waist. The men's medium was a very relaxed fit, even after washing and drying on high heat. The sleeves reach mid-finger length on my arms. This paired very well with ponte leggings! I just purchased a small in another color to see if that would be more fitting for wearing with jeans. The fabric is super soft and comfortable, plus it keeps me very warm. I have been wearing this and sweats around the cold house and it's been awesome. EDIT: The men's small was too small in the waist but still big up top, with shorter sleeves (they met my palms). I returned it because after one wash, I know it would be way too tight.


Best. Sweatshirt. Ever.

These are the best sweatshirts I have ever purchased and I’ve purchased a lot! It’s my favorite go-to clothing item so I’ve had my share of brands and styles. These are very comfortable and fashionable at the same time. I’ve personalized a few of mine, they look just as good as those $40+ boutique branded sweatshirts. I am 5’6” 165lbs and 20 weeks pregnant and the large is comfortable with room to spare. I also got the medium for a more casual look rather than a comfy look. I have purchased additional sweatshirts for friends birthdays too and they all love them! Only recommendation would be to add more colors! :)


Exactly as pictured

I bought this for myself as a 5’2 and 130 lbs woman, so I will be reviewing the quality rather than the fit. I got a large, which was wayyy too big, so it probably fits to size The sweater was surprisingly really freaking comfortable for the price, the material is exactly as you’d expect for a sweater and the color is as pictured.


Amazing Comfy Sweatshirt

Bought these men’s hoodies so we could have oversized comfy hoodies while we tagged along on our husbands fishing trip 😁 they were better than expected. We all wore them all weekend because they are just so comfortable. I am 5’5 145lbs and my friend is a bit taller, we both got the mediums and they were perfect. My other friend is a bit shorter and 100lbs and is wearing a small. The color was just as advertised and was so pretty! I highly recommend and will order again the next time I make sweatshirts!


Like your favorite lived-in sweatshirt

I (a woman) bought this sweatshirt to wear with leggings or skinny jeans on chilly days. I was NOT disappointed. I love the flat waistband, the wrist cuffs are also loose so I roll them. The color is great, the inside of the sweatshirt is soft but the typical wash-pilling has started. It really is like I pulled this out of the back of my husband's closet. Sizing is standard, fit is comfortable and relaxed. I've already ordered a second in another color.


This shirt is great...but PINK.

This shirt is great in everyway except the color is not faded red at all, it's pink. Now I am secure in my masculinity, it's a lounge around the house shirt so I'm keeping it. I wish it was faded red. Oh how I wish. But here I sit in a super comfortable, great fitting pink shirt. It's as if the gods are laughing at me.